2012 Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Pisces

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Pisces Zodiac sign.

Pisces 2012 year of Dragon will bring many new developments on the home front.

Who you are is morphing into someone new and this will certainly be felt on your home territory. Your values are up for an overhaul that will affect your self-expression and creativity. This 2012 year will lead you into new and improved territory. Don't be surprised if you are assisted by unseen guides, or maybe you are gifted with the ability to see the unseen. This would not be surprising as many a sensitive Pisces have seen dead people. Neptune, planet of enchantment, is your ruling planet. This sensitivity makes you privy to awareness of otherworldly energies, in fact you have the ability to feel everything below the surface. Expect this awareness to actually increase. In 2012 you will need to learn techniques to shield yourself from negativity to keep your own energy intact.

In 2012 Neptune is fusing energies with your Sun. This will have monumental effect on your world. Your intuitive knowing will increase exponentially, but this could be countered with a real confusion about what to do, as Neptune often conceals the truth until the changes are in motion. With Neptune touching your Sun you may find the boundaries between yourself and others non-existent. As it occurs in the home and family area of your chart it could be you are somehow leaking energy on the home front. Perhaps your family is demanding more than you have to give. Or it could be the home you live in is somehow steeling energy from you in a deceptive way-look for leaks in pipes or gas lines as this could be a more literal possibility.

When Neptune connects with one of your personal planets you have the ability to embody the collective dream. Artists often have this combination as all art forms are an expression of the society in which the artist lives. This 2012 year of Dragon you may find yourself expressing in a way that draws public recognition. Though this new status was conjured in your imagination earlier it is now manifesting in your reality. You many find you are torn between hiding your sensitive self away and stepping out in the limelight. Consider what you are doing is for the greater good and find an acceptable balance between your inner world and what the outside world is now requiring of you.

With Pluto, planet of evolutionary change in the area of self-worth in your chart, in 2012 you can expect a major change in your values, including how you value yourself. Pluto is rarely a good time, often causing us to face realities we would rather ignore. Being Pisces inclines you towards escapism, are you addicted to some distraction that keeps you from your greater good? Pluto is going to show you the error of your ways. Don't be surprised if childhood issues start to surface that are at the root of your current desire to escape. Whatever your vice, you can guarantee it is sucking your energy and giving you nothing in return; be it food, shopping, gambling, TV, heroin or prescription meds. You can even be addicted to helping others who have no intention of ever helping themselves. It is time to take back your life force and channel it in to positive growth; own your power and move into the field of dreams manifesting- this is so much more rewarding long-term.

Saturn and Jupiter are opposing each other this 2012 year and that could cause a sense of being torn between expanding and contracting. Jupiter in the house of routines will urge you to add on, move up, think bigger- on the other hand, Saturn in your house of the collective unconscious might restrict you with nagging fear and negative thinking. Those negative thoughts are just the flip side of the positive aspects of Saturn, which is there to set up healthy boundaries and help you follow routines that will ground and support you. The more healthy decisions you make the less fearful you will feel: what motivation!

2012 will be highly successful for you Pisces. Much ground will be covered and deep level transformation will occur. Remember to develop healthy routines and to express yourself in new ways. Learn to set boundaries between yourself and anything that drains you of energy- gravitate to people, situations and places that bolster your energy authentically. A little discipline will bring great rewards in 2012- enjoy the strength you will gain from the effort you put forth.

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