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2012 Horoscope Year of the Water Dragon

Astrology forecast for the 2012, the year of the Black Water DRAGON

2012 is a year surrounded in speculation. The end of the Mayan calendar is on the winter solstice of 2012. This calendar ending has many certain that we are heading for the end times.

2012 Horoscope

Most cultures of the world have their own Astrology and, when investigated, they all work. With all this hoopla about the end of the Mayan calendar signifying the end of the world it is an interesting time to look at the Astrology of 2012.

Pluto recently entering Capricorn will have great effect on many of our existing societal structures. Pluto is serious business, this planet likes to get down to the roots of the issues. It will uncover all things hidden, exposing the depth of problems we may not have noticed before. Capricorn rules structures, governments, institutions, also the actual crust of the earth. It is fair to say that the Institutions we have gladly handed our power over to in the past will be exposed in some way. Perhaps we will realize that doctors really don't know more about healing disease than our own intuitive selves. Death by wrongly prescribed drugs is sadly very common indeed. There is much evidence that the vaccines we have been advised to give our children cause neurological damage, accounting for the massive up-rise in autism and seizure disorders in our children. There is a movement back to natural healing, Intuitively we know that the earth herself actually provides for all our needs. Humanity will be moving away from artificial forms and returning to purity.

Now that Pluto has entered Capricorn hidden agendas are being exposed and this will continue through 2012 and beyond. We can expect political and economic reform as well. The rulers of such systems will be pushed to make changes to bring about a more just system that will distribute wealth more fairly and evenly. Our educational institutions are loosing their footing as more young adults recognize the futility of investing hundreds of thousands into a system that leaves them unprepared for the world. Our educational systems are far behind our information age and many are choosing to educate their children outside this antiquated system of instruction. These changes in the order of things are happening faster and faster, causing confusion and awareness at the same time. It will take time for the dust to settle. We cannot see the outcome as we move towards the new.

Neptune also has a very prominent place in the chart of 2012, it is sitting on the ascendant in the first degrees of Pisces, which is its own sign. This indicates a strong Neptunian influence over the year. Neptune connects us to our higher selves. The part of us that knows the deep truth of existence, it understands how we are all connected to a greater whole, we are each an individual drop of water as well as the entire ocean. Barriers of all kinds will be dissolved, this can happen slowly over time, a meandering wake-up, or a sudden alarm clock wake-up, probably both to some degree.

Neptune is also the ruler of Angelic messages -there is no shortage of humans on earth today with the ability to bring in messages from other dimensions. These messages are most often full of helpful information. Edgar Cayce was one such channel, called the sleeping prophet and considered the father of naturopathic medicine, he would go into a sleep like state and then diagnose illnesses in people at great distance. His advice was filled with unheard of natural remedies, often including exercise and nutritional information. Cayce was strongly influenced by Neptune. He helped thousands of people cure the incurable through this trance state. He had no knowledge of the information he shared in his waking state, but had faithful companions documenting every word. This channeled material conflicted with his devote christian beliefs, as in this sleeping state he would often connect current life issues to past lives. This knowledge of past lives was removed from the christian cannon hundreds of years ago- people who thought they had another life to try and get it right were not as easily controlled by fear of death. All of Cayce's readings were documented and can be found at www.are-cayce.com- The Association of Research and Enlightenment. The information he brought through so many years ago is still helping people today. Now there are many more famous channels bringing through Angelic messages, a quick search on google will lead you to much helpful life changing information. This is the influence of Neptune.

Chiron is standing next to Neptune in this chart. Chiron is said to be the Bridge between Saturn and Uranus- both active in this chart as well. Chiron will shoot through any barriers to the higher expression of our Souls, this is always liberating whether we resist it or not. With its influence so strong in the chart we are sure to be healing our unhealthy ways this can be joyful, or a slow painful rehab- depending on our willingness to change.

The Mayan calendar ending may be the end of life on Earth, but more likely it signifies the end of life as we have known it. We are Spiritualizing. No longer will it be us and them but All. Our greater connection to the whole will be obvious and we will no longer be able to act irresponsibly. Those who choose to ignore the truth of this will be overthrown by all that see it. There will be revolutions, uprisings. The Souls we follow into the New world will be Ideological radicals calling for peace and harmony.

Another very important aspect in the chart is referred to as the Yod- otherwise known as the finger of God formation. Saturn, Pluto and Retrograde Jupiter are in this important aspect together. The Yod signifies an issue that will keep resurfacing until you get it. You live the same problem over and over until you finally figure it out- A change is forced upon you even if you don't feel ready for it. A move must be made even if you don't have all the details. Given the structure of the Yod, the planets involved, the exactness of the aspects, and its placement on the 10th house/4th house axis, it will definitely cause change in the world economic structure- as well revamping all the old-timey ways we cling to just because. With Jupiter in Taurus we are sure to see an expansion in stability after the disintegration of the old.

In 2012 the five outermost planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in relationship with each other. They are together in what amounts to a single large astrological configuration with the Sun. This pattern is heavily influenced buy Uranus. Uranus is in Aries in the first house of this chart making it a major player in 2012. Uranus is the planet of sudden change, radical reform, and genius; also the ruler of the art and science of astrology, as well as the internet and technological advances. With it exerting such influence you can assume that massive change is in the offing. A look to the last ten years gives good example of the sort of swift and mind-boggling changes we are in for.

To make the most of this year you would be wise to recreate your entire life. The more you dive in to change the less turmoil your will experience. When you resist change you lose the control to consciously direct your own destiny, you feel like a victim when you are really the creator. Working to reform your world is the best way to harness the power of this energy. If you can fight for a cause or raise awareness of some important issue- even better. Pluto is supportive when you are involved in selfless activities- helping yourself to help others. Needless to say this will be a fascinating year- just to be alive during this time is truly amazing - there has never been more potential for growth on the planet- You are here on this Earth for a reason- Live your purpose!

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