2012 Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Libra

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Libra Zodiac sign.

Libra 2012 year of Dragon will be a year that redefines you.

Your home life will likely change rather dramatically. You can also expect to feel like your nose is to the grindstone in all your creative efforts. Much energy and focus will be available for self-expression, or perhaps your children will be drawing on you somehow. Either way you will have the right attitude when it comes to dealing with responsibility. Your fundamental beliefs may be dissolving to be replaced with a more life affirming and supportive world view. Libra, your Love of peace and beauty is what is motivating much of these changes. 2012 is a year of transforming change, it may not feel easy, all that change, but it's bringing you closer to your ideal world. Peace and Love are in the air, now you need to consciously breath it in.

Mercury, the communicator, and the Sun, your identity, are in a difficult aspect with Pluto, planet of deep transformation and Uranus, the revolutionary. This configuration will cause a sense pressure. A conflict between home and work, or from who you really are and what you feel the world expects from you. Perhaps sudden changes on the work front conflict with the harmony of home. The changes will affect your routine's and could trigger your awareness of a need for healthy lifestyle choices. None of this revolutionary change is easy, but you will be renewed through it all. The butterfly will emerge from the cocoon. A lot has to go on in the cocoon for the butterfly to break free. 2012 you are working for this level of transformation.

In 2012 year of Dragon the Jupiter will be triggering deep internal processes. An expansion of awareness. Suddenly you can sense the deeper meaning in life, expect flashes of insight and a new certainty. Your ability to detect bullshit will be heightened. Truth will start to seem much more important. Being Libra you have the tendency to tell people what they want to hear. Pleasing people for the sake of harmony can leave a strange hollow in your relationships. With Pluto crossing into your house of relationships you can expect a definite change in how you relate with others. Perhaps you will be torn between what feels easy and comfortable and acting more authentically. You will be pushed into authenticity, even while risking disharmony. Though difficult, you will reap the rewards of new sense of depth and loyalty in the relationships in your life. The work is all leading somewhere, try not to resist the changes. Look to the people in your life for clues about what is not working. Now change can happen.

An important trine between Saturn and Neptune conjunct Chrion will help you accept the effort things are going to take. A shifting in your world view is happening. This dissolving process could leave you confused. You will cycle between inspired and plain old tired. Try and honor the need for rest as this is where much processing will occur. If you find you wake up tired find time for naps throughout the day. Sooth your Soul with beautiful sites, and smells. Eat well, listen to soothing sounds and be peaceful as often as possible. Choosing peace is a process, keep making the choice, repeat "I choose Peace": this is invoking great power for good.

Remember that you are working your way out of the cocoon. A more beautiful you is being born in 2012 year of the Dragon. A free and real you. Though there will be moments you wish the pressure would stop- keep focused on the underlying purpose of the discomfort. You came to earth to evolve your Soul, there are lessons to learn and some of them feel hard. But not all. Life has all kinds of rewards for your hard work and effort. At the end of the day it's likely you will look around and see how blessed you are with Peace, Love and Beauty in your life.

You are ruled by Venus and this is a blessing. Don't hesitate to communicate your new understandings this year- people want your perspective and your balanced artistic point of view. Two thousand Twelve will be fruitful. You have all the tools you need to make things work out beautifully and peacefully. Your Loved ones will appreciate the new you. And I think you'll find you're rather happy with who you are allowing yourself to be this 2012 year. Enjoy the journey!

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