Libra Horoscope for December 2012

December 2012 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for December 2012

Monthly December 2012 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly December 2012 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

December 2012 Libra brings the December 2nd New Moon into Sagittarius which is your solar third house. This will accent one of your favorite months of the year with celebrations, traditions and parties. You will be at the center of communications and be the light of all parties. With Mercury in your sign from the 4th to the 23rd of December it is a great time to connect with neighbors and other people on your community list. Host a holiday open house, do volunteer work, labor at a homeless shelter; see and been seen doing good works.

Relationships are off to a good start with your high energy levels Libra. The planet Mars in your sign from the 7th of December can also bring impatient actions and tempers, irritability and stress in relationships. This will affect how you feel about someone. Watch for these "evil" feelings during the last week of December. That is the time when you need to think calm thoughts and listen to others. Resist the urge to jump to conclusions, gossip about family members and take everything on yourself. Spread the love around!

Money and success will be triggered by the alignment of Jupiter in Cancer or your solar tenth house. Saturn is in Scorpio and your second house and all of these bring about yearend bonuses and possibility a nice raise. These planets will also be favorable to holiday purchasing and shopping. You will be thrifty but generous and find bargains that could yield wonderful gifts. Find these bargains on the 3rd, but do not go shopping on the 6th.

Venus in Capricorn and our solar fourth house turn retrograde on the 21st and you will experience delays related to your personal endeavors as well as home and family matters. A loving relationship will turn a bit sour during this time, but you can fix it all by avoiding major domestic problem; watch your funds, talk to your family and partner, and listening to your inner self. Wait until January 2013 to find bargains on clothing that you need. This will be the better time to make those types of purchases.

You great days are the 9th and 11th as well as the 19th and 26th. Beware that challenging days will happen to you on the 5th as well as the 18th, 19th 21, and 25th will be highly chaotic. Have a good Christmas and remember that tradition is the hallmark of close families. Don't let the tradition fall by the wayside and keep up your good attitude. Party on the 31st but be aware that danger lies in the dark.

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