August 2012 monthly horoscope for Libra

August 2012 Libra monthly horoscope

Overview: Earlier on July 2012, Mars moves into your sign and now, during August, Venus will be bringing ahead a fascinating transit. This will generate a very captivating month, loaded up with power, energy and autonomy. Your charisma is commonly somewhat high, but in August 2012, it will be highly underlined, letting you to progress efficiently through all environs of your life. However, your love connections or your close bonds could suffer a bit, principally if you don't act adequately to restraint your desires to manipulate and possess. Your career will gain quite a lot from these good planetary vibes and you may sense a revived energy to manage enterprise transactions and associations. If you are presently out of work, this could be an outstanding time to achieve a decent position; if you already hold a position, this is a fabulous time to receive a hoist or to be acknowledged in the workplace. Do consider one thing: be careful about the way you use your charisma!

Career and Work: your charisma will probably lend a helping hand in your workplace, creating some interesting interactions even with your superiors. You do need to be extra careful not to push the envelope too far, since this could have quite disastrous consequences. From the 14th to the 17th, avoid making any mistakes or take any unnecessary risks, because this could take a very serious toll in your future.

Finances and Money: Uranus and Pluto have been in a complete square for months now (the worst thing is that these are very slow-moving planets). So there is much financial alterations and disturbance going on. Some of these changes are quite intense and the twists and turns of fortune can be very dangerous - and this month even more so. Keep this in mind when making some impulse purchases or when analyzing some financial opportunities.

Love and Relationships: as far as relationships go, while the Sun is still stationed in Leo, expect to feel quite loved and adored. During this period, you will have the enthusiastic support of your partner, current love and general friends. They will be very active, advocating on your behalf, especially after the 24th. Your love life in general will definitely improve after the 24th; if you are single, chances are excellent to meet someone new and exciting; if you are in a committed relationship, and harmony will set the tone for the upcoming days.

Health: Nice, light, comfortable workouts are totally in store for August 2012; this is not the month for trying to break world records. If you feel any twinges or discomfort, stop immediately and catch your breathe. Listen to your body, because your intuition will be quite high.