2012 Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Leo

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

Two thousand twelve is an active year for Leo.

This 2012 year of the water Dragon many areas of your life will come into focus and require change. So though you will be busy, you have lovely supportive relationships around you. An easy Trine between Mars and Venus helps set up a nice exchange of energy between what you value and what you are actually working towards- Often we know we need to do one thing, but act in opposite ways, this is just the egos way of preventing change. This year you will have the inner drive to do the "Right" thing, and you will know what that is. With the 2nd house of self-worth active in 2012 year of the Dragon you will likely have sudden insights into deeply repressed issues that lock you in unhealthy patterns of some kind. All this realization may find you in the spotlight somehow- you may be using your mind and communication skills in unique and creative ways. Be ready to jump at any chances that come your way. Fast reactions will bring you there, closer to where you want to be.

Neptune is the planet of deep otherworldly awareness, it's where you sense guardian angels, or astral project. It's the planet that longs for the beautiful ideal, it dissolves things and leaves you dazed and confused when confronted with the "real world". 2012 year of the water Dragon the Neptune is a definite force and it is entering its own domain in your chart. This is happening while in tight relationship with Chiron, planet of deep healing and revelation. This could go many ways, always there are variables.

At best you may have an encounter with Loving spirit guides that grant you a feeling of total protection and deep inner security - a certainty that everything will be Ok. Expect this to totally transform how you feel about yourself on all levels. A fairy God Mother to whisk away your self-doubt and fear. All this magical energy in 2012 year will be tempered with the reality of the discipline it will take to make the real world changes to sustain this sense of worth. People who Love themselves take care of themselves. It is likely that you will be required to buckle down and make healthy choices. Mars, Saturn and the Moon in your 6th house of health and routines will help you to stay focused on the improvements you need to make to deeply heal your inhibiting wounds.

In your house of fun, romance and creativity in 2012 year of the Dragon you have Mercury, the messenger. This planet has everything to do with how we think and communicate. Short little trips are active here as well. There is a flowing trine aspect between Uranus, the planet that likes to shake things up in sudden ways, and Mercury. It could make for fruitful discoveries in therapy of some kind. Your sudden awareness in the realm of the subconscious will feed your personal expression. The 2012 year could be a time of beautiful artwork, any kind of creative self expression. It could even be a sudden romance with a quirky genius type. This will be world changing, but may not be meant to last; it largely depends on the people involved. This sudden meeting will affect you profoundly in a positive sense. Here again, go with the flow, adapt and succeed.

With Pluto, planet of deep purging change in your house of philosophy, and higher education. It is possible that through 2012 year of the Dragon your foundational beliefs will be changing drastically. Pluto transforms what it touches and it's purpose is the growth of your very soul. Now would be a great time to learn body/mind techniques. How your thoughts create your reality may be made clear this 2012 year. You will want to take charge of your mind and emotions, empower yourself with healthy techniques to program your mind to heal and grow. Self- hypnosis, or neural linguistic programing would be areas to study. The mind needs taming and you have the ability to make great strides in your inner workings in 2012 year of the black Dragon.

Being a Leo gives you the ability to brightly shine- your ruling planet is the Sun after all. This 2012 year of the Dragon try to find a way to connect who you are, on deeper levels, with serving others in someway. This is the secret to true and lasting happiness. Sharing your gifts of warmth and encouragement with the world is what you came to do- find your niche, your angels will guide you. 2012 will be the year to clear the way for the real you to come through, it's finally time to shine.

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