2012 Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Gemini

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Gemini Zodiac sign.

Being a Gemini is endlessly fascinating.

There are so many bits of information in the world. Now that we have the internet there is no end to how much we can know a little about. This 2012 year of the Dragon will bring changes on the home front, within your family situation, or perhaps deep psychological complexes will come to light. Who you feel you are and who you are trying to be will come up against some friction. Your values are shifting, your sense of worth is up for consideration. "Something is happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear".

This 2012 year the Saturn, planet of discipline is occupying the space of expanding horizons. This is where you study philosophy or begin to formulate a new belief system. Critical thinking will be strong now- and it could be clear that what you believed before is at best undeveloped, at worse you don't even know what it is you believe. With Saturn in this part of your chart you are now able to discover ideologies that will provide you with a solid foundation to build your new life. Being in an easy flowing trine relationship with Neptune- planet of dreams and ideals- as well as Venus, how you relate to the world, will give this new transition a touch of dreamy magic. You can expect your values about work and the routines in your life to change- there will be a deeper sense of purpose and understanding to what you do.

You will find reason to focus on your resources with others. Perhaps you will inherit money- Or you may have to battle in court in someway over inheritance or property. Mars, planet of action, will keep this part of your world in focus. Perhaps this situation will be a major source in your drive to transform. Being in opposition to Neptune can have you swinging back and forth between perfecting things and just letting things be. Going with the flow and letting go. A little letting go is in order, but it certainly won't hurt to keep the magnifying glass handy to go ever the details of any paperwork

The most prominent part of your chart is relating to family and your home life. Also, subconscious processes and what is hidden in the depths of memory could be a key point this year. With Mercury fused with Jupiter your thoughts and the way you communicate will expand. You could be communicating about your thoughts and feelings related to the home front and family. Maybe you are writing or making a film- it could be that you suddenly start to journal. Expect transformation to occur in a way that is stabilizing. At the same time, you may be compelled to keep searching. That Gemini need for more information could disrupt this stabilizing somehow. Try and think of building up rather than tearing down.

To have an insatiable desire for newness is often beneficial, but this 2012 year the north node is opposite your Sun- which means now it is time to focus on going deeper into knowing. Now is your chance to master some ideal. Look to share what you've learned in a way that encourages growth in others. You may find the truth becoming oddly important and find yourself compelled to be bluntly honest. Your intuition will heighten, or at least your awareness of intuitive insights. Whole book loads of information could be downloaded into your consciousness now. Suddenly you just know things- you may not be able to prove how you know them, you just do. This is the North Node in Sagittarius in action. Follow the yellow brick road and you may discover the man behind the curtain.

With Uranus in relationship to your Moon and Pluto in the chart you will feel a need for some new kind of freedom. It likely relates to some restrictive emotional state or past situation that inhibits you somehow. Expect sudden awareness in these areas. You will be liberated in a flash from old patterns that kept parts of you ineffective. This is exciting stuff that you may have secretly wanted to be done with for years. You could have a secret compulsion that is suddenly gone- no inner struggle just liberation. Good news for any addict of any kind.

Gemini this 2012 year of Dragon is deep. In a fabulous growth inducing way. Keep focused on foundations and the future will develop beautifully. Exciting, grounding and liberating times are ahead in 2012.

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