August 2012 monthly horoscope for Gemini

August 2012 Gemini monthly horoscope

Overview: During July 2012, the planetary influences kind of hindered your style, since there was a lot of retrograde activity. Mercury - your ruler - has been retrograde for quite some time now, which means that you are likely affect where you hurt the most: your communication skills. This is easily overcome if you are extra careful about the way you carry yourself and about the words and expression you chose. During the latter part of the month, the planets begin their transit towards the West. This will put an emphasis on the people around, rather than on your individual values. Around this time, Venus makes a nice transit to your sign, so expect some solid financial opportunities.

Career and Work: Your 3rd house (Communications - your strong point) became quite emphasized last July, but since Mercury is retrograde (and will continue until August 8th), you could have been bothered by some difficulties or anomalies. Success, especially in the work department, was quite elusive, which might cause you to feel frustrated. After your ruler becomes direct, you will be able to breathe a bit more freely, so just be patient and measure your words carefully.

Finances and Money: Since Venus, the planet of love and finances is at your sign since April, there could be solid financial opportunities in store for you, Gemini. However, you will need to learn how the spirit can also rule over financial matters. With this, we mean that your intuition will be able to show you the correct path or to way to follow. Nevertheless, there could be some excellent surprises coming your way, trust your intuition! Needless to say, you should be careful about signing any contract or major compromises based on nothing but your intuition!

Love and Relationships: Again, since your ruler is retrograde, the home front could be affected by this influence. Home projects, domestic decisions - especially important ones - need more analysis. Since you will be busy reviewed personal objectives and, therefore, more focused on your individual aspects, you probably won't give much attention to those around you. Be particularly prudent around the 22nd to the 25th, since the Sun will be opposing Neptune, which may cause some problems and disagreements. Overall, relationships need to be handled with care during August 2012, because the planets seem to be out to get this aspect of your life.

Health: any form of activity that also encompasses your spiritual side will be quite beneficial. Your wellbeing will be more important than ever, as you move towards the final part of 2012. If you feel that you need to sleep more than usual, go to bed on time and make sure you get plenty of rest.