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August 2012 monthly horoscope
Overview: There will be a lot of planetary influences during August 2012. While some may seem quite challenging, overall, it's going to be a good month, even if you have to sometimes breathe before making a move. It's an interesting month because it begins and ends with a Full Moon, representing an entire cycle within the same month. The first Full Moon happens in Aquarius; the second one (on the 31st) on Pisces, which means that the moon will have the opportunity to travel through all zodiac houses during this month. The Aquarius Moon begins the month with a sense of humanity, of collectiveness and innovation; the Pisces Moon ends the month with a sense of seclusion, meditation and relaxation. It will be a full month indeed!

Career and Work: The influence of Mars, Mercury and the Sun (until the 22nd) and the Moon in Leo (on the 17th) will create a very positive vibe on the workplace, filled with energy, charisma and great ideas. Yes, ideas might be a bit too "great", so you need to make sure you don't lose contact with reality and keep things grounded. Your creativity will be highly emphasized, so make sure you share your awesome ideas with those around you. After the Sun enters Virgo, you will have a tendency to become more analytical, more practical and more rational. It's an excellent time to deal with details and "boring" responsibilities.

Finances and Money: Leo's influence is quite positive on finances and money, since Leos are usually quite savvy as far as money goes. However, gains seem to go hand in hand with frivolous expenses and some overspending habits. If you are tempted to take risks financially, please don't until you receive some good and solid financial advice. After the 23rd, as the Sun enters Virgo and Mars enters Scorpio, finances could be positively influenced, since you will have the clarity of mind and the drive necessary to make good decisions and to charge forward with your investment plans. Think about your future!

Love and Relationships: Since Venus enters Cancer on the 7th (and it will be staying there for quite some time) expect to feel extra cuddly and romantic. Love and affection will definitely be the words for the month and, since Mercury will also become direct on the 8th, you will not have a problem expressing your thoughts and your desires to the people around you. If you are in a steadfast relationship, expect plenty of romance and displays of affection, so you will be feeling quite domestic and drawn to spend some time in your domestic environment. If you are single, go out and enjoy the romance. It may be an excellent time to find a partner!

Health: After Virgo enters the scene (23rd), health may become an obsession, but the best advice is to take things slowly and calmly. If you mind your eating habits and if you practice regular exercise, you should be fine! Stop making problems where they don't exist!
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