August 2012 monthly horoscope for Capricorn

August 2012 Capricorn monthly horoscope

Overview: the main emphasis will now be on your job and your professional department, but you will be able to harmoniously combine these responsibilities with those in the domestic front; actually, you will be able to juggle both spaces of your life with little or no effort. This will be largely helpful because you will be attacked by romantic thoughts; nevertheless, you won't have anything too serious in mind, you are just looking to spend a good time. Despite all this, your relationships will be quite satisfying this month, so make sure you spend some time cooking up some awesome activities and share them with friends, family members or current romantic connection. Pressing matters should be handled with urgency, so don't try to delay them any further. If you do need to make a decision, do it before the 21st, since after this day Neptune could bring some mental confusion and deception. Your health won't give you any reasons for concern and this positive planetary transit will cast its spell on your professional path.

Career and Work: As always, career and reputation will be the main focus for August 2012. Since Mars is still influencing your career house, you should have the charisma you need to shine in the workplace. Authority figures will be able to acknowledge your work and there is a good chance of promotion. Job seekers should use this aspect to their advantage, since there are solid opportunities to move forward.

Finances and Money: Financial and monetary speculation could really be highlighted this month, but stay away from business-related activities from the 14th to the 17th. Financial opportunities may also come via your partner or your love connection, at least until the 23rd. Please consider giving some money to your favorite charity or to invest in some good cause: the cosmos will help you regain the money invested before you can say "Money".

Love and Relationships: Although your annual love and social greatest period ended on July 2012, Venus is moving into your 7th house of love on the 8th, which is still excellent for romance. Your mood will be quite frisky and playful and the people around you will definitely feel this trend. However, the romance that sets the tone for this month is more of the "entertaining" type, rather than solemn, committed relationships. Still, the feelings are good. Enjoy the company of those who are a part of your life!

Health: During August 2012, health is exceedingly improved! Your health planet begins moving forward on the 8th, so there will be more mental clarity. The heart and circulation could need some special attention now, but nothing too serious. If you are really worried, try detoxing your organism; this might even prevent some complications.