August 2012 monthly horoscope for Aries

August 2012 Aries monthly horoscope
Overview: The planets continue to be in a retrograde position, but their influence will be weaker than the previous month. On the 8th, Mercury becomes direct, but Pluto and Neptune will still be in a retrograde position. Generally speaking, August 2012 will be an excellent month for you, but you need to surpass the conjunction being made between Mars and Saturn, which may cause you to feel like you are being smothered or held back. However, other aspects will be quite fruitful and you should definitely focus on these, particularly the positive aspects being made by Mars and Jupiter. Do remember that Jupiter has the ability to emphasize both good and bad traits. After the Sun enters Virgo (on the 23rd), your mind will be completely focused on work and professional matters.

Career and Work: your professional career will be quite good throughout August 2012, but this is especially true after the 23rd, after the Sun enters Virgo. You will be all business during this period and your mind will be quite focused on your work environment. For the job seekers out there, this is an excellent transit: you could land the job of a lifetime, not only what you need but actually what you enjoy doing. If you already have a job, it's an excellent time to get a promotion or to charge forward. Make yourself noticeable, especially because your ideas will be most welcomed.

Finances and Money: since Venus is moving on the skies, this is not the most adequate time to make financial investments or to get involved in partnerships. Since Venus moves into Cancer and your 8th house, the best investments to be made will be around your house. It is the time to get a make-over or a home renovation: gather up a few friends and you will find that this activity will be quite fruitful. In fact, you may find that this beautifying trend now will cast positive influences to the future.

Love and Relationships: as a consequence of the planetary influences hovering around, friends might feel a little distant or even lost this month. However, personal relationships and romantic interactions will likely be quite good throughout the month, especially because Mars - your ruler - is making a fabulous aspect with Jupiter from the 8th to the 21st, bringing along some fun times and lots of laughter! Overall, you will be filled with great optimism and you will be able to achieve great insights about your future and the people around you.

Health: since Pluto is retrograde, your health may suffer a little and surgery might even be on the table, but due to this planet's influence, the best thing for you to do is to delay this situation (unless in case of emergency). Your health will be greatly influenced by your mood, so cheer up! Energy levels will also be higher than last month, especially after the 23rd, since the Sun in Virgo will positively influence this area of your life.