August 2012 monthly horoscope for Sagittarius

August 2012 Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Overview: Lay low and keep things quiet and cool, because "retrograde planetary activity" still sets the tone for the first days of August 2012 (this influence will be quite strong until the 8th). Normally, you enjoy living life in the fast lane, with days filled with excitement and mental stimulation. However, this month, things may be different: you will need to put your tolerance to a test and learn how to enjoy quiet times. This impact means that you need to be watchful and attentive and not to do things hurriedly or impulsively, predominantly in the beginning and the end of this month. Despite all this, during the last couple of days of August, some exciting news may be headed your way (thank the presence of Neptune for that) and your professional department could really shine. The planets will park in your 10th solar house (Career and Public Reputation), so expect good things here. Control your emotions and remain calm; negative feelings could come back to haunt you.

Career and Work: On the 23rd, the Sun crosses your Mid-heaven in Virgo and arrives at your 10th house of career and public status, so expect to have a career peak around this time. Luckily, your career planet - Mercury - is now direct once again and will be moving forward, so there will be plenty of mental clarity and good decision making skills. Your career can progress greatly around this, so push your agenda forward and keep your goals in mind. Work-related travel can also be in store for you, Sagittarius, during August 2012.

Finances and Money: your mind will probably be more focused on other areas of your life and finances and money won't be a major concern. However, meditation may help you achieve great insights about the future and this might have a very good outcome in this area of your life. Money is likely to come from work and dedication. Financial investments should be discussed and analyzed with professional experts.

Love and Relationships: This is a month for spiritual and metaphysical insights and advances in your understanding of the world. These breakthroughs will ultimately affect every area of your life in a positive way. This is also true for your personal relationships, since you will be able to establish priorities and to know where to focus your emotions and your attention. Since Cancer will be influencing your 8th house, you will need to control any strong emotions or nervousness. Depression is not the way to go!

Health: Your health is basically decent, but try to rest and relax more after the 23rd (as the Sun enters Virgo). This means that you will be more alert to your health needs and to make good decisions as far as eating habits are concerned. Your stomach can be a little fidgety.