August 2012 monthly horoscope for Aquarius

August 2012 Aquarius monthly horoscope

Overview: Uranus - the ruler of friendly Aquarius - has been retrograde for quite some time now (July 13th) and this trend will be extended to August 2012. While this is not necessarily negative per se, it could have a major impact on your personal connections and your domestic environment. Even financial matters (and important decisions) are probably better if they are put on hold for now. You definitely need to play with the cards you hold; since you are generally quite relaxed, easy-going and cool, use these assets be best way you can. Generally speaking, 2012 will be a great year for you, Aquarius, so don't get aggravated just because you have some down time. Romantic and social interactions have a great potential, but any long-term compromises will probably make you run for your life. Keep things nice and slow. This is principally even truer since your 7th house of Marriage and Partnerships will be emphasized, adding some charisma and personality. From the 11th to the 17th, Neptune may be causing some problems, so remain alert. After the Sun enters Virgo, on the 23rd, your mind will only care about work and career.

Career and Work: This area of your life will receive a healthy boost from the influence of Virgo and the Sun, on the 23rd. you just need to keep up with your usual poise and you should be fine in this area. In fact, your superiors and the authority figures around your life could be quite influential and may offer the support you need to move forward. Any advances should be made only after the 23rd.

Finances and Money: This is not a good month to buy things, since any purchases could be haunted by some deception and tricks. If you need to buy anything (particularly make any large investments), please analyze and study things thoroughly. Since your personal confidence is somewhat weakened, rely on the opinion of experts to make any serious commitments. Finances could affect your personal relationships and you should avoid arguing for the sake of money. From the 24th to the 27th, good information may be heading your way.

Love and Relationships: 2012 is a great year for your social and romantic life. You will be right in the middle of a huge transit that benefits romance and interactions. If you are single, you could meet a potential partner for the future. Marriage may even cross your mind! But you will be more interested in having fun and you should enjoy the company of people. Parents or elderly relatives will be quite supportive, even financially.

Health: until the Sun enters Virgo, try to relax a little; after this presence enters the scene, you should be more concerned about your health habits and you should take this opportunity to review any wrong habits.