2012 Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Taurus

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

In 2012 Taurus people will be happy to be who they are.

There is a fundamental change under way in the way you present yourself to others this 2012 year of Dragon. The people around you may be shocked by sudden changes in your style of communication. Perhaps you will feel a need to be more authentic and honest when you interact. Jolly generous Jupiter is travelling through Taurus this 2012 year too- this is super fortunate in many ways, expect financial increase as well as a simple increase in pleasures of all kinds, the good things in life.

Jupiter will travel a sign once every twelve years- This 2012 year Jupiter is sojourning in Taurus. That means that it will travel through the part of the zodiac that occupies your sun sign. You can expect an increase in everything that defines who you are- and who you are is up for consideration. You will feel a distinct increase in your creativity and sense of self-expression. It's as if your energy is expanding. Your life will start changing to meet this new expansion. Your Soul is growing - as all souls do - and now the friction is forcing you out of any ruts you have worn. Yes, it's nice that some things stay the same, but change is the only thing that can be counted on. Though all the newness may be scary you will feel deep regeneration through-out your life.

Jupiter will bring financial rewards as well. Though 2012 year of Dragon things will flourish and firm up under this influence. All the securities and little luxuries that keep a Turean happy are yours for the taking. Good food, music, sensual pleasures and Love. It's all available during two thousand twelve. You will have ample energy to focus on your resources and perhaps combining your resources with others could be rewarding- Look for harmonious interactions with any potential partners, steer clear of complainers and fault finders and veer towards self actualized happy creative people.

All this expansion is exhilarating. Being Taurus, it's possible that even the word "exhilarating" is anxiety provoking. You may be confused about your place in the outer world, your job, or activity in the community, and your desire to be home and domestic. You may have a running argument in your mind trying to convince you of the merits of both choices. Home or Work? Well its both, it's this and that, not either or.

Though the outside world may feel like a burden, there is no doubt you are making real progress. Progress that will secure things for you so you can really enjoy the domestic side of life. Indulge in healthy food to support your system when you feel stressed. You may be tempted to inhale ice cream, but have a glass of organic Kefir instead- One causes an irritated digestive track creating mucus in the body the other nourishes with active probiotics. These healthy choices have long-term gains- the unhealthy choices lead to long-term loss and degeneration.

You are likely to meet some interesting people this 2012 year as well. Witty talkers with endless ideas. These people can be helpful to you-Try not to shy away from the quickness of the energy. It will help you raise your own energy enough to enjoy all the changes 2012 is sure to bring into your life. By December you will be seeing the new you-perhaps you will even be surprised by your new world. Rest assured positive expansion will happen and that is what you signed on for. Stay focused on changing while appreciating the abundance in each moment. Life is bountiful and Loving. Happy 2012!

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