Free October monthly horoscopes

October 2012 monthly horoscope
October is a spiritual month; a month for regeneration and personal growth. As the month progresses situations may be a bit stressful, but it will evolve into a time for relationships, parties, and growth. All of this happens under the Libra sun. If you are overwhelmed during the first few days of October you may be experiencing a misalignment between Mars and Jupiter. Go on a mini-trip, try out a spa, or take a partner on an adventure. The first ten days of October bring about creativity and there might be a bit of romance coming into play.

October is a month of intuitions, artistic projects and the full moon in October will bring spirituality and energy. You could have strong artistic energy that continues through until mid October. Do enjoy the increased energy and find your spiritual side.

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed by everyone wanting your attention, just go with the feelings and try to relax. A few days by you will bring things back into perspective. Mid October is a great time of the month for romance and deeper friendship. When the Sun and Neptune join you will have a perceivable shift from feeling about your needs and you will begin to focus on the needs of others. This will mark October a remarkable month for those around you!

Careers and business affairs will flow smooth during the last of October. You will be able to accomplish many projects and it will be amazing how much energy Mars and Saturn are sending you. Personal issues may upset all that great energy, and near the end of October people could be annoying, touchy, and want your attention.

October is a month of optimism and the last of the month and Halloween or All Hallows Eve will see you ready to party and socialize. Use caution when driving or imbibing, there are foul feelings afoot on this night.

There has been a huge energy shift during 2012 and the end of the year brings about legends and predictions that could take place during October, November and December. October will see more savings, building and using resources to combat the poor financial earnings of 2012. There are corrupt governments falling and October will see an easing of tensions worldwide.

While October is not traditionally a romantic time of the year it can be! Watch for he brightening of the sky, clearing of the atmosphere and the falling of leaves. October is a very colorful month. Slow down, evaluate choices and be cautious about long term relationship.

Health and wellness in October needs to focus on holistic healing. Stop over using medication and turn to spiritual and herbal healing. During October Saturn enters Scorpio and issues of life and death become more important. New findings on aging will become open this month; find an older person during October and give them an uplifting experience.

October is a fun month for families, however watch for over indulgence with your children and above all maintain a schedule. The end of October and Halloween are fun times, but they could also bring pain and sickness. Guard your families; watch your health; value your budget; and look for the weather to shift.
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