Scorpio Horoscope for October 2012

October 2012 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for October 2012

Monthly October 2012 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly October 2012 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

October requests that Scorpios stop being so stubborn and contact someone you have needed to talk to for quite a while. Write the letter or email you have been composing for the past few weeks. Scorpio, if you feel good about someone, don't stand on ceremony - be yourself and act. To be silly, October points out that you should not pick at fight! October is a musical month for Scorpio. Watch for someone who is musical - they could lead you toward something fun in a relationship. Also be aware that you do need to work on your relationship. October is a lazy month and Scorpio feels that everything will automatically work out, but balance and fairness should be the order of the day. The tone is set for October and Scorpios must create own balance in relationships. It will not be easy, you need to compromise and be laid-back, it will be well worth the price you pay and the struggles you make. Open up more, it will do you good, Scorpio.

In business and employment keep your mouth closed! If you hear gossip from co-workers keep it to yourself. If you hear private affairs or happenings, don't tell anyone else. Basically, October Scorpios need to keep secrets. If you don't keep a secret you will definitely suffer. "Loose lips sink ships," should be your motto this month. If you stop worrying about the past and what you hear during October, Scorpio, the future looks very happy in a peaceful way. You superiors have difficult projects coming your way, but since you are a Scorpio with high work ethics you can handle them. Remain calm and posed and keep your attitude positive. If you do it could very well mean that you may receive a promotion, praise, raise or a small bonus. Don't push it; remain positive and keep that positive attitude!

The end of October may not be easy for you. You are trying to keep positive in both work and relationships, but it is not easy. You may feel that you want to just give up and go your own way. Scorpios must resist this temptation. You just need to "hang" in there - again all will work out.

Why the constant advice to remain calm? Scorpio, you are very intense and powerful. Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac. When you appear self controlled really be controlled; everyone believes you can burst into eruption at the drop of a hat. However, you are perceptive and aware that your aggression needs to be harnessed and your mind held positive and calm. You do have penetrating eyes which can make others feel a bit unnerved, but you are great! During October keep calm and positive and you will bring others to your side.

You love to work out your energy doing sports or exercises. If you are bored, however with regular routines mix it and try cutting-edge routines and eating programs. You tend to be a healthy eater and during October you may want to go deeper into vegan or organic diets. Learn about biodynamic farming, for some reason this month of October is pointing you toward more organic and natural eating habits and lifestyles that are a bit unnatural to Scorpios.

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