2012 Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Cancer

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Being Cancer born grants you a knack for security.

A talent for securing security. It's nice to be warm and safe in your cozy nest, surrounded by loving loved ones. Two thousand twelve is going to challenge your desire for sameness. This 2012 year with Uranus, planet of lightning bolt change, squaring both your Sun and Moon you will no doubt be feeling the friction within. The need to break free of stifling routines will be urgent. A liberating transformation is under way and it may feel stressful. The move from the familiar is scary stuff for any Cancer. 2012 year of Dragon you will have what it takes for a total metamorphosis. The urge to grow will eclipse the desire to secure.

Throughout whole 2012 year of Dragon the Pluto, planet of deep purging change, is activating your Moon, emotional sense of self, and your Mercury, what and how you think. All this action is happening in the area of the chart the governs the health conscious part of ourselves. You may discover odd food sensitivities, dairy products are apt to produce to much mucus for the system to handle resulting in asthma, sinus problems, or recurring yeast infections. Try to cut back on dairy products this 2012 year. In the very least source some Raw milk from a local dairy.

It has been discovered that the act of pasteurisation actually destroys the enzymes that allow us to digest dairy; a theory as to why so many people, an estimated 80 percent, have adverse reactions to dairy. Expect this 2012 year of Dragon to be full of learning about healthy routines, perhaps you will get involved in a community garden, or join some kind of like minded group. This will all be new to you and you may struggle between wanting to stay in your pajamas and getting out into the world. Try to force yourself out, within reason of course. Remember to feel the fear and do it anyway, life is short.

Expect a sense of purpose permeating your life. You may feel the call of destiny. A certainty of purpose that changes how others see you. This is a very healing combination involving Neptune, planet of the cosmic soup, and Chiron, the wounded healer in your first house. The mask you show others is dissolving for all to see the really real you. It's highly likely that you will gain recognition for some sort of creative effort. Another possibility this 2012 year is there being a push/pull between what you as an individual want and what the group, or society you are involved in wants. This could be a source of great tension, remember to consider the greater good of all involved. It is not either or, but this and that. Compromise is the key to happiness.

With Jupiter, the jolly expander next to Venus, relationships and values, in the house of Communication, little trips, and brothers and sisters, you can expect a focus on relationships, You will have much energy to invest in this area of your life. An easy trine formation is considered a blessing of ease. Perhaps your close associations will get more interesting. Much will be discussed and even written about. Keeping a journal detailing your insights into your relationships would be highly valuable now. You will understand a lot more about what you attract. It is also possible that you will have disputes involving communications. It could be that a communication breakdown gets exaggerated somehow causing combat. When you find yourself at an impasse, and you are feeling really pissed off, take a deep breath and say: "I choose peace!" this works like magic to shift from negative ego conflicts to positive cooperation.

2012 is going to be pivotal in many ways. Your relationships will be redefined. Your creativity will get noticed. You will serve the community just being yourself. So though security may not be the focus this 2012 year of Dragon you will still have a good solid foundation to build upon. Most of the friction is coming from within and this will create a new you. A you closer to fulfilling your ultimate potential. 2012 you will see signs that let you know you are ultimately on the right track. Remember to pamper yourself through the newness and celebrate the changes a little every day this year of black Dragon.

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