2012 Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Virgo

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Virgo Zodiac sign.

Virgo people tirelessly work toward perfection at all times.

Finding flaws is the domain of Virgo. 2012 year of Dragon is a year of fruitful advances in positive directions. Your involvement in many areas of life is going to increase- an action year is about to begin. It is highly likely that this 2012 year your funds are going to increase in some way. Your values are transforming fundamentally and this could shift your routines, highlighting this area of your life. Even your home life is changing this 2012 year- you will have much to say on these matters. You may even be in the spotlight in 2012 so don't forget to prepare your speech, even if it's just a sternly worded letter to your spouse on the truth as you see it.

Uranus, planet of sudden flashes of insight and radical change this 2012 year is in a Trine with Venus, your relationships and values. You may be receiving new ideas on ways to run your home. There will be a tension within, a pressure to change things, to establish more freedom for yourself somehow. This awareness may not help you actually make the changes needed to free up your energy. Your actual drive and this need to change are at odds with each other. You may know you need to change things, but keep acting in the same ways until, Bamb! you make a sudden move that no one saw coming. This may not be comfortable, but it will be liberating. Once aware of any problems they are impossible to ignore. Try and ease into this sudden new world view, or at least go easy on your loved ones- they may not see through the same lenses.

This 2012 year Your Sun is aspecting Pluto, which means that a deep transformation is under way. Think of these changes as a blessing from your Soul. Pluto represents your Souls evolution in the birth chart. Whenever it is activated by transit you can expect a growth spurt. This is an easy trine, but it will no doubt have you pondering the nature of your relationships. You could feel torn between selfish desires and merging resources with another- Generally when Pluto occupies this area what you and another share is a transforming agent of some kind. You could greatly benefit from other people's resources this year- A good motto is this and that, not either or, cooperate!

Neptune, planet of spiritual consciousness is in opposition to your sun this 2012 year. Your sun is in an area of the chart that will bring your family into focus. Where you spend your time and subconscious energy. Through 2012 year of Dragon you may be working to change your residence, but feel undermined by a constant state of confusion. Neptune will bring changes that leave you confused for a while- You may feel tired and lethargic.

Take time to deeply nourish yourself through diet, exercise and relaxation. Learning to meditate could put you in direct contact with your spirit guides, this sort of guidance is top-notch and personal. Learning to follow your instincts will reward. Your role in the outside world will be shifting. This brings healing and realignment. Your home life will be reorganized in a supportive way. Allow your dreams to manifest; visualize your ideals as real. Banish all doubt.

2012 will usher in major changes in your lifestyle. Expect to work hard this 2012 year of Dragon with wonderful transformative results. Things will get closer to perfect. Remember not to be too critical of yourself and others. We all need a break from the constant self-improvement. Learning to balance the different aspects of home and family with work and the outside world will bring a sense of empowered peace. Hard won harmony really is an accomplishment. Rest in the good stuff and strive for more, all in perfect measure. 2012 year will fully support you in your endeavors.

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