2012 Horoscope for Aries Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Aries

Astrology forecast for 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon. 2012 Horoscope for people born under the Aries Zodiac sign.

Being an Aries is often a real joy. It's easy to just be who you are, plenty of signs would love just a touch of your brave forward moving energy.

The 2012 year of Dragon will be a busy year on the home front. Also, up for consideration, will be how your relationships and routines fit together. There may be a struggle between your outer reality, your career, or how people see you, and the inner reality of your deep feelings and connection to your roots; a push pull/ either or situation that could cause considerable tension. Another major area of activity is your value system: you are going through a deep morphing in this area, expect deep life defining changes to occur- a total transformation in what and who you value in your world.

It is possible that you will feel weak and confused over changes that need to be made-you may swing back and forth between knowing and not knowing. Much growth is happening in the area that represents your home life, your roots in the world, and what is being demanded of you. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus in a tight little huddle in your 4th house of home you can expect a renewed sense of desire for positive change in this area. You may have been fuzzy about some situation in your home, but expect clarity soon, and with clarity comes sudden focused action. This is the Universe helping you to evolve into the best you with the best life possible- follow your instincts and go with the flow in 2012, enjoy the energy of the changes taking place, disruptive though they may be.

2012 will bring deep healing in the area of communication. A supportive trine between Saturn the teacher of lessons, and Neptune (connection to the divine), with Chiron (the wounded healer) you may find yourself remembering some long forgotten hurt or humiliation. Often we attribute what we are going through now with how we feel- but in actuality it is how we feel that creates what we are going through. Now you have an opportunity to deeply heal the wounded parts of yourself, look to communication issues and possibly relationships with siblings for the surfacing of these issues. Allowing yourself to look for guidance on how to release and move forward. Participate in body work, Yoga, dance, keep the systems moving, help free up the energy. A deep renewal is under way. Discipline yourself to stay present and conscious through the changes. Try and stay out of escapism of any kind if you want to create more positive.

This 2012 year you are up for recognition or achievement of some kind- at the very least you will be driving for some kind of notice. With Virgo energy at the helm being of service in some way is sure to affect your status in some way. Always try to think of others before you act- its tricky doing this with all that powerful firey energy you are channelling all the time. But being considerate is something all Aries are learning on some level- often with difficulty. Though you might feel certain of your wants one minute try to consider how you will feel down the road- not just in the now, but five years down the road. Thinking long term will help you steer clear of needing instant gratification. Think consequences. And think big. The best you can imagine for yourself- what do you deserve?

This is certainly an active 2012 year in many important areas. You will be called to find your place in your community this 2012 year as well. Another angle on the same position could have you feeling burdened by your place in the world. Your friendships could be putting a strain on you as well- obligations rather than mutual enjoyment. It might be the year to consider this. Robert Kiyosaki, author or "Rich dad, Poor Dad" says: "we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with".Are you surrounded by people you would like to be? Now is a great time to seek out the new- make it a discipline and Saturn will support you fully.

Two thousand twelve is a year of transformation- Your Values, your home life, your career, and your friendships will be combining to redefine you. Enjoy the metamorphosis Aries, these changes suit you.

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