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Oriental 2012 Horoscope for the Black Water DRAGON Year

The year 2012 of the Black Water Dragon promises to be a very interesting time that will provide plenty of opportunities for all members of the zodiacal circle. This period has many enigmatic, mysterious, unexpected and memorable moments that one can use for one's own benefit - under a certain activeness and skill of each of the zodiac signs. The new year 2012 by the eastern calendar does not begin on 1st of January as we are used to think, but on 23rd of January, however, its stormy start will not cause the slightest doubt among any of the representative of the zodiacal circle - it's time for change and one should be ready for that.

The Black Water Dragon is a mythical creature, which many consider as non-existent, elusive, devoid of soul and physical appearance. However, Dragon plays a big role in people's lives because he is the central character in the carnival procession, legends and fairy tales. Dragon is worshiped, he is loved for his strength, power and justice, people who are not in harmony with the law or conscience fear his chastise look like fire. The year 2012 of the Black Water Dragon has the right to ask each person about his deeds, reward good deeds or punish dishonest behavior. The dragon represents daylight and darkness in one person, invincible strength and weakness for beauty and good deeds. Dragon gives health, happiness and wealth, but only to those zodiac signs, who themselves will not sit on one place. The year 2012 will be a dynamic and constantly changing period. It will remind the carnival procession with Dragon in the lead, who is subordinate to his strong will and unbreakable rules. The beginning of the year will be very fast and noisy, with lots of affairs and problems. For all the routes this period to be as much as possible smooth, in the begining of the year, it is necessary to solve all the old problems and build a solid foundation for all affairs. In early 2012, the financial situation will not be overly strenuous, but this period requires both spending on necessary purchases and investments and saving the remaining money for the future.

It would be a mistake to burn down your wallet - Dragon may not be able to get the money back. Spring is the most favorite time of the Black Water Dragon. It is the main arena of 2012, which will unfold with serious battles for fame, success, and material wealth. But these battles should not consist of a fight of the signs of the zodiac against each other, but a fight in dealing with their shortcomings, weakness, passivity, and fear. Sentimental Dragon will be especially vigilant in the spring and will not allow momentary weakness of any of the zodiac signs to destroy his carnival procession. Thanks to tough flow of affairs, many of the representatives of the zodiacal circle will learn to achieve their goals and deal with difficulties using their internal, hidden reserves. Summer is a relatively quiet period in 2012, but one should not relax during this period since all activities have acquired a certain intensity and therefore vigilant management of the affairs is needed. Problems that will occur in summer may be associated with gossip, intrigues and discontent at the workplace. Many of the zodiac signs will at this trial time pass by "copper pipes" - glory and wealth, power and position. Fall is a favorable period for summing up. At the end of 2012, all zodiac signs can engage in self-education, make plans for the future, analyze their activities for the full year of 2012. As we know, "don't count your chickens before they are hatched", and it is during fall that it will be noticed whether the possibilities of the year 2012 were used on the way to success by each of the zodiac signs, what mistakes were made, and what should be corrected at work.

The most discussed event that is disturbing people's minds, is the predicted event of 2012 - End of the World, which should be on December 21, 2012. How would this be - global catastrophe, or a time of favorable changes, nobody knows. Fears and prejudices associated with this event paralyze the activities of the weakest zodiac signs, and may themselves serve as a turning point in life to the negative direction. No matter how developed the alleged End of the World is, there is a persistent belief by psychologists and masters of the predictive art that positive emotions, spiritual cleansing and active creative activity of each separately may, greatly and positively influence even globally developing dramatic events. This means that each representative of the zodiacal circle should strive to cultivate optimism, activeness, vitality and ability to plan things.

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