2012 Horoscope for Tiger Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Tiger

Chinese 2012 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Tiger, for the 2012 Black Water DRAGON Year

Tiger in 2012 will feel himself in his element - he likes high intensity of activities, and he will be only glad to constant provocations of problems, taking them for a better chance to showcase his remarkable abilities. Tiger had a difficult time last year, he was forced to adjust to difficult flow of time, as if teasing his pride. This 2012 will require not less work, but the results of Tiger's labor will be seen already by the first days of 2012.

A representative of this zodiac sign requires careful planning because the surface and carefree attitude towards work can ruin even a prospective job. Tiger should not overestimate his strength or take up many complex and complicated affairs at the same time, because by being carried away, he could easily forget about quality. Tiger's financial sector is totally dependent on his activeness in affairs - by end of 2012 he could be much better off if he is able to take advantage of every opportunity in its path. With his agility and flexibility in activities, Tiger can conduct successful transactions and earn decent dividends, and thereby well-replenishing his own budget with them. A representative of this zodiac sign should remember that the saying "one soldier does not make a battle" refers to him in the highest degree. Tiger has the power and strength of character but he may lack lability, open-mindedness, liberation in the choice of work methods. Therefore, Tiger should, as much as possible, communicate with colleagues and partners, trying not to assert himself in disputes but come to collective decisions to the truth. Light successes and victories in early 2012 can turn a Tiger's head - he can easily succumb to joy of euphoria and forget about his affairs.

But it is too early to celebrate - all work started requires development and the best continuation, so Tiger should be very focused in his activities. In the early days of the new year of 2012, a representative of this zodiac sign should set a goal for himself so that the choice of his activity is not spontaneous but thoughtful and focused on expected result. In spring, Tiger will find it much easier to work - activities will continue to be intense, but there will be no jerks and failures. In spring, Tiger can expand his businesses, launch new projects and participate in the most ambitious ventures. This is a good period for establishment of partnerships and collaborative development of plans for the future. The position of the planets in the summer will be favorable for Tiger's active work, he should remain vigilant, as well as participate in office intrigues. During this period, the most important is to maintain good relationships with colleagues and partners because ahead lies a lot of work that Tiger will simply not overpower alone. In fall, Tiger should be extremely active, his dedication and perseverance will help him overcome moments of crisis in his activities. During fall, a representative of this zodiac sign should not solve complex financial issues for this time should be dedicated to accumulation of money so as to use them in the future.

The beginning of 2012 will be a favorable time for development of relations between the couple. Tiger would feel the need to pay attention to his/her partner, and develop relationships. If the spouses have disputes, they can easily sort them out now. In spring and summer strains between the couple may increase, and this is associated with Tiger's high intensity of work. A single Tiger has the opportunity of finding his/her love in spring or fall of 2012, while in summer he will be too distracted to pay due attention to his feelings.

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