2012 Horoscope for Rabbit Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Rabbit

Chinese 2012 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rabbit, for the 2012 Black Water DRAGON Year

Rabbit is perhaps his master's favorite in the year 2012 of the Black Water Dragon. He will not have as many problems as other members of the zodiacal circle, but can achieve much success only if he wants. Rabbit can successfully correct the mistakes of last year, correct his activities, which for some reason took a false direction. A representative of this zodiac sign will learn to cope with difficulties, he will be in the spotlight and will be in a combat and optimistic mood.

Dragon encourages those zodiac signs, which try to arrange their home, help others, build strong relationships and a solid material foundation for the family. Therefore, Rabbit will feel the patronage of his master throughout 2012, . He will not seek to gain a high position in society just because of ambition, it is important to him when he tries to get a guarantee of strength to family relationships and to his material base. Rabbit is never poor - he can manage in such a way that under low incomes, he can easily provide everything he and the family needs. Due to his ability to create smooth communication in any company, Rabbit can be very successful and useful in any activity involving establishment of relations, conclusion of transaction, negotiation and discussion. Since 2012 will begin with easy victories, Rabbit may experience some euphoria of success. But it's early to rejoice - much later, problems that will not be noticed and resolved at the beginning, can grow like a snowball, becoming a major obstacle in his activities already for the next year. All that Rabbit is doing now should be dictated not only by his desire to earn more money but also by a strong motivation to change, change his style of leadership and administration, if this is long overdue.

Rabbit may again start education and learn a new profession, his abilities will be greatly expanded if he would work to expand the horizons of his knowledge. In early 2012, Rabbit should not trust everybody without exception because in spontaneous decisions, it is easy to divert one's activities in the wrong direction beneficial to others, but absolutely useless to Rabbit himself. In spring, Rabbit's vitality will only increase, he can finally assert his claims to the company management, or even quit for search of a new work. This is a favorable period for search of one's affairs, but the representative of this zodiacal constellation needs to come to this decision not spontaneously, shooting from the hip, but by carefully thinking it over, weighing all the pros and cons. A large number of routine work for Rabbit in the summer may push him into low spirits. But this needs to be done even if it is a paperwork is recount and reports. Rabbit should be well aware that this is just a new stage in his path, it does not carry any losses or disappointments, but he should pass through it as efficient as possible to prepare well for a more complex and intensive work. During fall season, the area of communication with others will come out in the forefront of Rabbit activities - this period is good for conclusion of contracts and conduct of quiet negotiations.

Rabbit's personal life in early 2012 will be troubled - Rabbit's overemployment, his/her nervousness or euphoria of victory will affect his/her relationship with his/her partner. By spring, a representative of this zodiac sign may become irritable and impatient, he/she will seek to win the right position in society, while losing ground in his/her relations with his/her spouse. At the first ocurrence of trouble, Rabbit should improve the situation, pay attention to the feelings and wishes of his/her loved one. Single Rabbit in the first half of 2012 may indulge in romantic adventures and look for light flirtations, but a fateful meeting with a loved one will take place during fall.

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