2012 Horoscope for Snake Zodiac Sign

2012 Horoscope Snake

Chinese 2012 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Snake, for the 2012 Black Water DRAGON Year

For Snake, the difficulties of the year 2012 will seem not quite so pervasive - he can avoid sharp corners, and will calmly work in a planned manner, focusing on his own subtle intuition and natural wisdom. He cannot be mislead by a grand speech or tinsel glitter of carnival for he is used to seeing things from the inside, inside out, pinpointing the worthiest and most perspective ones among them. Snake will try to turn around all possibilities and problems in affairs for the maximum benefit for himself, and if this his activity will be active throughout the whole year of 2012, Snake will be the winner among all members of the zodiacal circle.

In early 2012, the position of the planets is favorable for Snake's activities. But a representative of this zodiac sign, having reached some success in work, may make a mistake, significantly slowing down his operations, while stopping at what has already been achieved. Moving forward is the key to successful development of all Snake's affairs, so any stopping can indefinitely push aside the success. Snake's tendency to analyze, draw conclusions, and predict will be a good assistant in planning. In the spring of 2012, Snake's quiet activity may encounter adverse currents, caused by conflict at work, gossip and backstage intrigues. Snake must remain neutral so as not to be dragged into these unproductive and unnecessary squabbles. By the end of spring, Snake may get a proposal for a new position or work, and must strive to assert himself in the activities, rather than in interpersonal conflicts.

In summer, when all other zodiac signs will be quite content with a quiet, smooth flow of affairs, Snake will have to meet the intense pace of work. Snake is a good strategist, he can select keys for all the necessary locks at work, but a representative of this zodiac sign is rather clumsy in relations with others, and may show indifference to them, reject their views or completely reject collective work. Snake's pedantry and over adherence to principles can ruin very promising projects that can be triumphant in a more conducive working atmosphere in a team. In the autumn of 2012, Snake will witness a quiet period when he can take stock and assess what has been done. Snake in the autumn can relax a bit. Efforts to strengthen partnerships will be effective during this period.

Whatever the case, Snake's personal life is both his rear and a source of pride and well-protected haven of comfort and tranquility. Snake in the coming 2012 will be full of charm and charisma, he will easily find a mate - if, of course, he/she is interested in such a matter. A married Snake will receive during fall unexpected pleasant news from relatives. He/she will strengthen relationship with a partner, take care of loved ones and help everyone who needs help.

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