Leo Horoscope for April 2013

April 2013 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for April 2013

Monthly April 2013 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly April 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Leo you are so excited by your new aspirating. You are starting a new life this month and you should be very proud of yourself. During the first half of April 2013 consolidate everything you can and organize. On April 10th the Sun and Moon in Aries give you a great passion for adventure and encourages you to break out of your usual ruts and find new intellectual horizons. You may discover that creative and romantic ideas are emphasized during the first part of April 2013 and Venus and Mars together will give you inspiration for social and artistic creativity. You have responsibilities on the home front, though that could slow you down.

New ideas and intellectual impulsiveness inspired by Taurus in your 10th house of career gives you the impetus that you need to start a new endeavor. You will find that this endeavor means more to you now since you have fought so hard to fulfill your dreams and your destiny. Watch out! On April 25th a lunar conjunction with p[pessimistic Saturn could cause you to swing into a past that will darken your mood and create emotional self-doubt. Don't let it! Think past it; work; transfer; be who you should be.

April 1st the Sun and Jupiter activate your community house and help your self-confidence and public profile. You are enthusiast about becoming more involved in something much larger than you. Your friends and colleagues encourage your growth and are there by you side. Listen to their advice and keep your opinions to yourself.

April 7th finds you particularly attractive to those who are from far away. This is unusual, but not surprising. You love to be with people and try new foods and cultures. This is wonderful, but do be aware that the opposite sex is captured by your moods and friendliness. They may believe you are interested when you re only friendly and a bit flirty.

On the 17th you need to keep going. You have the drive to start your new project and forcefully advance your ideas. Keep going. There is something so special on this day and you need to make sure you don't give up. BE aggressive and do not show people you are weak. You can do whatever you want if you try, study and use your mind.

April 20th through the 23th will be a time when you must prove your worth. Mars's entry into stubborn Taurus gives you the feeling of confidence. You may find that you are speaking your mind on the 21st and hurting people who do not deserve to be hurt. Think before you speak. Handle money and relationships with equal respect and you will find that you have success. On the 23rd of April 2013 you will have the opportunity to sit with friends and colleagues as they reach out to you to comfort and protect you. Stay focused!

On April 28th you may find that you are torn between your public career and your personal responsibilities. The Sun is in your house of career and is trying to get your to be a quitter. You are advancing your career in the best way you know how and do not let anyone take that away from you. Stay strong and focused. You will need all the strength you have to combat your usual pessimistic ways.

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