Leo Horoscope for August 2013

August 2013 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for August 2013

Monthly August 2013 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly August 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

August 2013 predicts success and prosperity especially in the business aspect of the central sign of the fire trine. While on the other hand, everything will be developing very well when it comes to Leo's love life during this month. Perhaps, August 2013 will be one of the most harmonious time periods over the past few years for this zodiac sign. The thing is that the Sun will have an extremely positive "general" mood in the month of August, and it also appears as the celestial ruler of the Leo sign. And added to everything the Sun will also act as the celestial leader of this sign. Is it necessary to mention that the influence the celestial bodies will have on desired zodiac signs will be simply unprecedented? However, not everything will be positive moments in August! Pluto, exalted in Leo, is the one responsible for the blossoming of Leo's strength, and will be also favorably inclined towards this zodiac sign, especially towards Leo's personal life. However, in order to get the maximum objectivity it is necessary to mention that some negative moments will still be present in Leo's life. Their source will lie in Mercury's position on the celestial belt. And Mercury's negativity in its entirety will be strengthened by the fact that Mercury is the one responsible for the "fall" of the Leo sign.

However, despite the influence of the patron of trade, during the month of August the biggest part of the stellar positivity will be concentrated on Leo's business life. It does not matter where Leo is working - whether in a commercial or government entity, or, perhaps, he might be an entrepreneur. The Sun will equally benefit any type of activity aimed at generating cash equivalent income. However, most likely, the biggest positive will be received by those Leo's, who work for themselves. This is due to the individualistic effusion of the Sun in the astral plan. Do not doubt yourself; currently many things will work out in your favor - especially a variety of business and trade agreements. Even your heightened attentiveness will not be required, because the stars "will bring" your sixth sense to a level of absolute reflex. However, letting things to take their own flow is also not the right thing to do. Work, earn and enjoy your life. Relax and count on a healthy progression. Only sometimes, especially towards the end of the second decade of the month, take a passive glance behind your back. You can rest assured that you will be fine, but Mercury is fully capable of pushing your partners off of their right path. But do not worry; it is very unlikely that you will be touched by any misfortune.

During August 2013, in Leo's personal life everything will be developing the same as in his professional life, meaning the outcome will be mostly positive. The Sun, even without the support of the other celestial bodies, can guarantee relative peace and harmony in Leo's family life. But the Sun will not be alone in this quest! Pluto will help him, and partly, Venus, despite the fact that it appears as the direct enemy of Neptune. These celestial bodies will go hand in hand and are predicting some peace and quiet for you. During August, despite some small arguments, you can hardly expect any conflicts that will have a long duration. Your other half and your loved ones will completely understand you, and their emotional being will be in sync with yours. So, it's time to think about the holiday and organize an unforgettable journey full of joy and positivity for yourself and your family! If going on a vacation is not possible, then just try to spend more time with family and friends.

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