Cancer Horoscope for January 2013

January 2013 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for January 2013

Monthly January 2013 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly January 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

There are so many things you will want to celebrate in 2013. You have good friends and romantic moments and all your children clamoring to be with you. You are very nurturing and want to take care of them so this popularity contest will be fun. Your career and people close to you will challenge your patience at times during this month. You will also have opportunities to step ahead in the world.

Jupiter which is the planet of good fortune will work though Gemini through the first part of 2013 and emphasize January. This movement signifies a guardian angel that will watch over and protect you. You will need this watching and protecting during January as you are challenged more and more by the things you need to do. During January you will be very content with your own company and will ask other's to just leave you alone at times. It will be good to just with and talk to your dog while you read a scandalous book. Eat ice cream and shiver with delight.

During the first week of 2013 you will have Venus in Sagittarius. This is a beneficial alignment for you and will boost you popularity among coworkers. This will be a great time to arrange a party or go out with your workplace friends. Build on relationship as you get better acquainted with them.

Relationships during January and particularly on the 11th will present a major theme. Take care of the 4th through the 6th as well as the 10th and 17th of January not to push the envelope with your superiors or you partner. Seek clarification if you have question about a project and never assume you know what you are doing.

Money could increase in January. This is good since you are going to have a few unexpected expenses that will stretch your budget. Be cautions with investments and keep up a savings plan. You might find a lucky number that will bring extra cash!

You will have tough financial decisions to make the week of January 26th. The moon in Leo will laughingly hand you some more expenses and problems. Careful shopping and a thrifty reminder will get you through the month and you may actually find great bargains.

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