Cancer Horoscope for May 2013

May 2013 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for May 2013

Monthly May 2013 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly May 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

The guardian of the Sun, Cancer, will find himself in a difficult situation during May 2013. From one side, the stars are foreseeing an immense good, at the point of life that Cancer finds himself at the present time. But from the other side, a thought that has been formed long ago about a change in location, will finally acquire all of its features that will lure you in, in the delights of the "Garden of Eden". The celestial leader of this sign, the Moon, who will not render much positive influence to the rest of the zodiac signs, in this month, will make an exception for its darling. The ones born in the sign of Cancer will see a significant increase in their spirit, which will allow them to reach height that they have been dreaming of, but weren't able to conquer for different reasons. Thus, the Moon will present you with pleasant surprise, which will be determined by the rest of the celestial bodies. Mars, the responsible for the "fall" of Cancer, will exchange his wrath for compassion, and without expecting it, Mars will become the "celestial leader" of the Water trine. Even Saturn, who is responsible for the "exile" of Cancer, will find himself neutralizing his own negativity. This favorable energy directed towards Cancer, can be slightly spoiled only by the Sun, whose influence negative influence on the Water trine will be very small.

It is only natural, that a career with such a positive planetary outline, guarantees a transcendental outlook. However, as it was aforementioned, the ones born under this sign will have to make a decision as to what direction they want to follow. Cancer will either stay in his current workplace, or will change it for another one. In any case, the outcome whether in a lesser or a higher degree, will still be favorable. In this course the Moon is completely unambiguous. The only thing needed to be done by the ones born in the Cancer sign, is to pay special attention to their colleagues; some of them may be in need of your help. Do not leave your generosity for tomorrow; it is right now that somebody who you have worked with side by side for years, is in need of your disinterested help. In case if you do decide to leave your current workplace, make an effort to leave a positive impression which one day may turn out very beneficial for you.

Similar activities should be expected in your love life. Cancer, who is only used to receiving negative energy from Mars, in May, will feel the breeze of some powerful and unknown energy. It is very important, that you don't surrender yourself entirely to this heady force, which may drive you on to a path which shouldn't be taken. Even though the Moon is stating that the occurrence of such an event is minimal, you should still be cautious. There is a possibility that you will be presented with two choices, and each one of them may become a great opportunity. These two options seem positive, although Saturn is hinting towards one being more positive than the other. You will be the only one who can decide which one is better. And a little bit of concentration will not hurt when making the decision. It is better to relay on your intuition, in which you don't have much faith, as it has guided you in the making of wrong decisions. However, now might be the right time to give it a second chance. The stars are predicting that the need for a change in your life has come to a critical point. If you are standing in front of a tough choice in you professional or personal life, do not be afraid of making risky decisions. After all, how can this decision be risky, if all of the options are favorable?

Thus, during May 2013, Cancer will find himself in front of a unique dilemma when he will have two chose the better of the two goods. If you are under the impression that such choice is easy, you are deeply mistaken.

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