Leo Horoscope for May 2013

May 2013 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for May 2013

Monthly May 2013 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly May 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

The central sign of the Fire trine, and the mighty embodiment of the solar power, Leo, will finally be able to make into reality his most inner desires in May 2013. However, on this apparently smooth road, Leo should expect some significant obstacles that may seriously harm his health and destroy his emotional harmony. This multilateral situation will be generated as a result of the position of Mercury and the Sun. Patron of the merchants, and the responsible for the "fall" of Leo, this month he will suddenly emerge as the "celestial leader" of the Fire trine. Consequently, Mercury will gift Leo with its blessing; however we cannot ignore the basic behavior of this planet toward this zodiac sign. A similar situation can be observed with the Sun as well. This heavenly king, it is usual behavior will only shed positive energy towards Leo, as it will become the stellar steward of this sign. As a result of the volatile effusion of the moon, throughout May, the Sun from time to time will spread some negative influence on Leo. It is important to understand that in each situation the degree of priority of one influence over the other is individual, and it is always necessary to take into consideration the position of the other celestial bodies.

For example, May will not be a very lucky month for Leo when it comes to his professional life; this is due to the negative influence spread by Mercury in this specific aspect of Leo's life. As a result, the Sun will have no influence over Leo's existent career field. Curiously, during this difficult period, Jupiter who never gets involved in the activities of this zodiac sign, will render its help to the ones born in the sing of Leo. Despite the enormous tension which will probably follow you throughout the whole month (and especially towards the end of the decade), you will not feel like a boiled rag. Instead, you should put all of your focus on executing all of your current assignments. Do not take on new projects, even if they promise excellent returns, since Mercury will not allow you to finish them successfully. You will understand by yourself once your superiors start piling you with extra work, and all of the assignments that were once stagnant, start going out of control. Be meticulous, consistent, and precise, and then Jupiter will point your energy towards the right direction, and you will do the correct thing.

When it comes to Leo's personal relationships, things look a little better. Jupiter will try to inculcate some confidence in yourself and neutralize all negative influences from the Sun, which may ruin you emotional well-being. Get prepared to get overwhelmed by different types of feelings, which will always show up in the least appropriate situation. You may suddenly start to feel an excruciating rage while watching some kind of a romantic comedy, or vice versa, or become melancholic when everything turns out well. Analyze your situation, however do not rush into drinking anti-depressants or start consulting a psychiatrist. Neither one, nor the other is necessary. You can deal by yourself with all of your problems. Especially because not only Jupiter, but also the Moon - exalted in the Sun, will be on your side. Just try to be as relaxed as you can and delicately react to all surrounding things. It is very important right now to grasp the rhythm of life of those around you. If you succeed in doing this, then all of the emotional changes will disappear, and you will be able to go back to your deserved inner peace. The stars will do anything that's in their power to help you with this.

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