Cancer Horoscope for November 2013

November 2013 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for November 2013

Monthly November 2013 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly November 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

The representative of the cardinal cross of the Water trine, Cancer, in November 2013 should get prepared for a waterfall of surprises at the beginning of the first quarter of the month, and not all of the surprises will be positive. Saturn, the one responsible for the "exile" of the Cancer sign, will be especially "spiteful" and strong this month. Its active negative energy will splash all aspects Cancer's life with a single unshakable dark wave. And if the representatives of this zodiac sign do not have any protectors on the celestial belt, then this month's outcome can become extremely disastrous. However, Cancel will not only have as traditional allies the Moon, the celestial ruler of the Cancer sign, and Jupiter, the one exalted in Cancer, which will definitely not be losing any precious time. The Sun will make its appearance on the side of the ones born in, which in November will step in the role of the "celestial leader" of Cancer. This fact guarantees relative safety in the business and finance aspect. At the same time, Mars, the one responsible for the "fall" of the Cancer sign; can quickly turn from an enemy to an assistant, if Cancer himself is very attentive to some moments of his life.

As a result, the business aspect will be a relatively quiet time for the Cancer sign in November 2013. Of course, promises for more "surprises" will definitely make their appearance, but their magnitude will be far from complete. Most likely, during the first quarter of the month your financial situation will be abruptly and unexpectedly spoiled by the appearance of a new competitor. As a result, due to your inactivity, this competitor which, without any doubt, will have available Saturn's increased activity; can completely "cut off" from you a significant market share. Dealing with this later on, as you might imagine, will be much more difficult. So, you must act now. Mars, seeing your activity and perseverance will not stand on the side, but will give you its blessing, expressed in the positive (for you) circumstances, and additional beneficial flows of energy. At the same time, towards the end of the second quarter of the month, Jupiter will suddenly change many vague situations in your favor. From one side, of course, it will have a positive tone. On the other hand, you will need to urgently implement a quite large "bundle" of resources, which you have been gathering for the solution of the problem. With the right approach, which is based on an integrated and comprehensive analysis of the situation, you will surely be able to direct this excessive energy in the most advantageous direction.

As for the aspect of personal relationships, during November 2013, Saturn will have a particular impact in this aspect. As a result, the representatives of the Cancer sign will have to live through not such an easy time in their lives. Most likely, the most difficult things will not be related to your other half, but with your friends. The situation will develop in such way that you will need the support of your friends, a support that you will most likely not receive (for various reasons). The result can not only be the collapse of your plans, but also prolonged depression, characterized by a mass of associated negative aspects. So, do not even think about stopping and accepting your own defeat. Remember, Mars will be on your side, but only if he sees the potential in you. It is quite nice to have such an ally on your side, isn't it? Of course, you will need to try to achieve this. Try not to give up when everything will not be going "according to the plan". Gather your fists, make your brain work to the maximum, clearly analyze the situation and take prudent and informed decisions. Then the principal celestial warrior, will definitely stand by your side.

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