Leo Horoscope for September 2013

September 2013 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for September 2013

Monthly September 2013 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly September 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Leo, the traditionally solar sign, in September 2013, by coincidence of the stellar circumstances will be deprived of the support of its main ally - the Sun. Due to its position on the celestial belt, the celestial ruler of the Leo sign will only be able to use 20% out of its entire positivity. This will enable Mercury and the Moon, the direct enemies of the Sun, to seriously impair Leo's ardent blood. Moreover, Mercury will concentrate its negativity on the business aspect, and the Moon - on Leo's personal relationships. On the other hand, Uranus, the planet responsible for the "exile" of the Leo sign, will block its own negativity, and will remain completely neutral in the astral aspect towards the representatives of this zodiac sign, which immediately takes off a number of problems. However, Mars, which usually has an average attitude towards Leo, will change its preferences during this month. The reason for this is that during September 2013, the universe has assigned Mars as the celestial leader of the Leo sign, but if we take into consideration that Leo appears as the representative of the permanent cross, it is clear that the upcoming life period will become very controversial, vivid and memorable for the Leo sign.

Firstly, in September 2013, the representatives of this zodiac sign should concentrate on the business aspect. And it is necessary to focus only on one aspect of this area - your relationship with your partners. To be even more precise - on the partners themselves. Be vigilant and make sure that you do not miss any of the activities of the people with whom you need to work. Now Mercury's position along with Mars's position will lead to such a stellar combination, when the "behind the scene games" in any kind of business acquire particularly big scale. And, of course, you have no right to miss the beginning of these games, and you are obliged to take direct participation in their outcome. Your future, your career and your implementation as a specialist, depends whether you will be able to do it or not. A simple practice in the management of subtle games, multi-level disputes and diplomatic debate will surely not hurt you. These skills are a plus to everyone in today's world. Of course, Mercury will violently disturb you, setting the whole world against you. But you will have Mars's impenetrable force, which means that you are armored and ready for any fight.

This will be developing as interesting and as diverse in Leo's love life as well. In order to be able to honorably come out of a difficult situation, the same as in the work aspect, you will need to clearly analyze the situation and do not listen to your feelings under any circumstances, because the Moon will make sure so that you are not able to understand your inner voice. It true that there is the possibility that you may understand it, but the stars do not guarantee you the correct interpretation of what you hear, on the contrary - they hint that all is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Be cautious with your conclusions. Currently you might be under the impression that someone from your close one has committed an act of betrayal against you. The probability of this is so low that it is not even worth to be considered. Instead pay attention to your other half. And pay attention to your passion, it may be worth listening to the opinion of your friends against her candidacy. Even if you have been married for more than a year, it does not mean that just because of one mistake you will now have to deprive yourself of a happy future. Just think about it, it's your life and, ultimately the decision is entirely up to you.

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