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2014 June Horoscope

Free June 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly June 2014 Horoscope
Monthly June 2014 Horoscope

June 2014 will be a fulfilling time in many regards, especially for the business area. The current combinations of the celestial bodies of the Solar System and the nearby star systems will have a very positive effect on artistic people. Those guided by pragmatic and calculating notions will most likely lack a drop of positivity from the stars. This situation will arise mostly due to the combination of Venus-Saturn. This very powerful duo will be controlling practically the entire zodiac in June up until the summer solstice. Powerful waves of positive energy of these "monopolists" will not leave anyone indifferent, generously showering the Earth with waves of positive emanations. Mercury will also align himself with the aforementioned paid and will be no less generous in granting business luck to those who really need it. However, it is now that the fate of each person will mostly depend on his friends and the relationships he has built with his comrades. Undoubtedly, it will be hard for those who do not have such friends, and the positive influence of Venus, Saturn and Mercury will not befall such people. Even the "celestial leaders" will give them the bare minimum of positive influences.

Nevertheless, in general the Water trigon will be the only unlucky one in terms of having celestial allies. The signs that belong to this trigon just have to hope for the forces of generally positive combinations. While undoubtedly, this is not the prevailing factor, other elements will have a slight advantage. For example, the representatives of the Fire trigon may boast of Mars being their "celestial leader" during this period. The Red Planet will gift the people born within the signs of this trigon with powerful positive impulses, which will truly "charge" with energy, providing unparalleled opportunities for the realization of goals. The Air Trigon will receive the Sun, the powerful king of the sky. While most likely the solar positivity will focus on the area of entrepreneurial relationships, it is quite likely that the Sun will influence all spheres with its complex positive emanation. A similar situation will arise for the representatives of the Earth. Their "celestial leader" will be the Moon, which just like the Sun, will attempt to support them on all sides, while providing the maximum positivity to the work area.

However, in the current moment, the inhabitants of our planets will see strong foes in the sky, the planets whose energy will be either mostly or exclusively negative in June 2014. The first of such planets is Uranus. The mysterious far planet will exhume singular, but extremely powerful impulses of active negative energy, and the spread of these impulses will be chaotic and can only be calculated based on the individual factors of each sign. However, it is evident that Uranus will bring a mass of problems to all signs without exception. With that, Neptune will decide to focus only its negative emanations onto the Earth. Yet his influence will be more or less evenly and systematically spread, while mostly affecting the sphere of personal relationships. Nevertheless, regardless of such powerful enemies, each of the signs has a real chance to cancel out all the negativity considering local forecasts.

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