Leo Horoscope for December 2015

December 2015 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for December 2015

Monthly December 2015 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly December 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

For the zodiac sign of Leo, December 2015 will be short of being the most successful time. Instead, it will be a rather ambivalent stage of life, where all sorts of doubts and spiritual quests will become the norm. The fact is that Pluto, the planet-exalt sign of Leo and responsible for the flowering of its vitality, is not able to carry out his direct responsibility at the current stage because of some interstellar combinations. This means that the Leos will obviously lack the strength and resources to realize their full potential, which will lead to an ambiguous position. At the same time, Mercury is responsible for the fall of the sign and will be repeatedly amplified and his negative emanations will receive an abnormal development. As a result - serious problems in the working direction will arise, which in reality may not be solvable without outside help. Fortunately, the Sun - the planet-ruler of the sign of Leo will retain its classical position and will allow the people born under this sign to somehow withstand such adverse circumstances. The solar energy will be supported by the influence of Uranus, which is usually responsible for the expulsion of Leo, but at this stage also acts as a "celestial leader" of all of the Fire trigon.

As a result, with regard to the scope of entrepreneurship and business, in December 2015 the zodiac sign of Leo can hardly count on the successful completion of any and all current projects. The exclusively negative energy background and the focused impact of some celestial objects combined will cause serious problems that you will have to deal with during the entire month. We cannot say that it will take a superhuman effort to overcome the very negative aspects of the current period. But at the same time you really have to try very hard. So - be vigilant and careful, do not miss a single detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. In conversations with colleagues and business partners be cool and do not try to show your superiority, even elementary wit is best reserved for other occasions. If you are self-employed, do not forget to check your rear from time to time, i.e. your accounts, even if you entrusted them to the closest people. Unannounced inspections will not take much of your time, but, perhaps, give food for thought. Those who do not work for themselves are recommended by the stars to slow down the pace and try to keep as far as possible from metaphorically violent activities.

In terms of the sensory-emotional sphere of December 2015, the zodiac sign of Leo will see a much more positive side of life. There will be no hard and unscrupulous Mercury, but instead the solar positivity may well be the cause of the most amazing and romantic circumstances. And when you consider the influence of Uranus, you can quite clearly say that now almost any of your adventures can succeed, no matter how crazy it is. The main thing is not to let others sow doubt in your own choices. Do not look at society and do as you see fit, trying to make happy those who are dear to you the way you see fit. Generally in December you will have to solve a few dilemmas, because it will be a turning point in your life from the ideological point of view. But, nevertheless, there will be nothing to worry about. You just have to reconsider your views on life and form new principled positions on some issues. Do not be afraid of change, accept it readily.

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