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2016 March Horoscope

Free March 2016 monthly Horoscope

Monthly March 2016 Horoscope
Monthly March 2016 Horoscope

The first month of spring of 2016 will bring to lives of many zodiac signs hopes for a really bright future, and if you were exposed to some depression while embracing the winter, in March, your energy, physical and sensory-emotional spheres must align. In the current stage the inhabitants of the Earth will be backed by a number of objects in the solar system, and it is necessary to highlight the Moon in this list, which will operate in tandem with its dark twin, the Black Moon. In reality, such cooperation can be extremely unpredictable and it would be a mistake to attribute this phenomenon to a series of positive ones, but there is one fact that clearly speaks in favor of the positive characteristics of this moment. The idea is that the solar energy will be incredibly strong, but its direct influence will not take place. That is, the sun will help us indirectly, in particular, through the Moon and Black Moon, so that the impact of this wonderful and unbelievable duo will be, no doubt, constructive. It is also worth indicating the position of Venus, which at certain moments can seriously change its preferences; this means that even if it's responsible for the "fall" of some zodiac signs in its traditional role, in the current stage the celestial priestess can easily turn into their loyal ally.

Meanwhile, the fire and water trines will lose some of their support; that is they will not have "heavenly leaders", their external patrons. They usually don't play a key role, but under certain circumstances, they can easily tip the scales in the desired direction. Regarding the air trine, its "heavenly leader" at this stage will be Pluto. This is a quite unusual situation because Pluto is generally associated with negative and unfriendly energy, which can deprive you of power. But in the case of air signs in March of 2016 everything will take a somewhat different turn, and the dark planet will really try to help people born under one of the air signs. The question is how reasonable and valuable its assistance will be, because Pluto is, let's face it, fairly inexperienced in such issues and knows little about the intricacies of modern social systems, so its bonuses may seem rather archaic for us. For example, you will suddenly inherit a rusty, yet still working 'Chevy'. Exciting, isn't it? Hurray! Be prepared that something like this is highly likely to happen in March of 2016. The earth signs will be exempt from problems with their "heavenly leader". This trine will be under the protection of Saturn in the current stage, the lord of rivers of time. Probably for many members of this element March will be the time of epiphany and reevaluation of their actions, a stage of pivotal change of priorities.

However, not all the planets in our solar system will be in a positive frame of mind. As usual, there will be those that will regard universal harmony as a living hell. In particular, Mars will steadily and purposefully try to ruin our plans, and, unfortunately, sometimes the red planet may become strong enough to fulfill its evil needs. Jupiter will be a little weaker, but still very warlike, and it can also throw a couple of challenges at us, though small-scale ones. Nevertheless, all the problems will be more than solvable, especially because in March of 2016 our backs will be covered by powerful defenders. So even if you feel that the odds are not in your favor, it's necessary to stick to a set direction and, figuratively, don't get down in the dumps.

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