Cancer Horoscope for December 2017

December 2017 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for December 2017

Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

Most of the planetary power is in the western sector of your chart this month. This indicates a lot of social opportunities and mergers with others. On the 1st of December, Venus enters your 6th house of daily routine and responsibilities. This is a wonderful alignment, and you will be able to find and create beauty within simple tasks. You will get a lot of enjoyment doing house chores, cleaning, and organizing. Venus maximizes pleasure and reduces conflict, making any work you need to do fairly easy going. Take this opportunity to redesign your home interior! Venus also encourages you to keep up with your personal tasks, such as hygiene, skin care, and all things beauty related. You will be more drawn to eating cleaner foods this month, because Venus knows beauty begins from within. Take one day a week to pamper yourself, whether you like to take a long bath, give yourself a facial at home, or rub your skin in essential oils and lotion. You will certainly feel more peaceful during stressful situations at work, wanting to be a meditator rather than an instigator. People will realize your compassion and come to you when they need support. Venus in this house is a wonderful way to experience the last month of the calendar year!

There is a full moon in Gemini on the 3rd, but Mercury also goes into retrograde on this date. Gemini and Mercury both rule all aspects of communication, and there may be some challenges here. Today will be somewhat stressful for you, as you may run into issues with "frenemies", or those you have trouble conversing with. Even though your emotions might get the best of you, it is important to communicate your truth and not to hold back your feelings. If you explode, this is okay, as you will be able to patch things up later on in the month.

On the 9th, Mars moves into your 5th house of play and pleasure. When Mars is in this alignment, you live life to the fullest! The motto "work hard, play hard" strongly applies this month. You will understand what needs to be done at work, and will actually have fun doing it. You will be more fun-loving and playful with your friends, family, coworkers, and romantic partners. Your enthusiasm for life will shine during December, and it will make others around you addicted to your personality. Mars, the competitive action taker, may also make you take risks and be bolder. While this isn't always a bad thing for you, cautious Cancer, make sure that these decisions are in your best interest and not simply emotionally impulsive. This aspect also inspires you to step outside of your comfort zone within social settings. You are fiery and magnetic this month!

Saturn moves into your 7th house of love and relationships on December 20th, and he will remain here until 2020. This alignment indicates that you will be attracted to people who are more serious in life. You may have had your fun dating and being in short-term, casual relationships, but this shift will make you want to settle down. Your interest focuses less on fun and more on stability. While this may seem boring, Saturn's fatherly love encourages you to think about what is sustainable and healthy now. His disciplinarian personality will influence you to go slower into potential relationships. There is no need to rush with Saturn, for he is extremely cautious and rational. You may also face greater responsibilities within your close relationships with others. This can apply to both personal and professional partnerships. Over the next 2 years, Saturn will teach you a lot about love, commitment, and sacrifice. He inspires all of us to be more grounded, serious, and responsible.

Jupiter remains in your 5th house of pleasure, fun, children, and creative pursuits, and he will be here until late next year. You will enjoy hobbies and fun activities the most. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune, and it may seem like everything you touch turns to gold this month! You will have an abundance of your favorite things in life, and this month is just the beginning. You will feel luckier and more optimistic, and will want to take chances when it comes to finances. Jupiter will also give you the confidence to dominate in every social arena. Because the 5th house is ruled by Leo, this spotlight-loving sector inspires you to be bright, positive, and even a little loud. Make sure that you share your luck and abundance with those around you, as Jupiter wants to spread his joy wherever he goes. This is a great month to host parties, entertain family or friends, and socialize in general. Your enjoyment for life will be contagious!

There will be a new moon on the 18th in Sagittarius, your 6th house. This is the perfect day to reorganize your thoughts, ideas, and other physical spaces. The new moon's energy will be perfect to give you a jumpstart on projects at work, at home, or in your personal life. Write everything down, make a to-do list, and get going!

The planets are dominant in your 5th and 6th houses, making it an excellent month for creativity, social outings, beauty, and charity. Your health will be excellent for most of the month, but you may want to take it easy during the last week of December. The planets being in these houses requires you to put out a lot of energy, and it can feel quite demanding. Drink herbal tea in the morning and evening, as this will stabilize your immune system and help you to get more restorative sleep during the nighttime. Since you will be very busy, you will need extra time during these days to take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Lovely Cancer, you will certainly have fun this month, and the Universe encourages you to celebrate!

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