Cancer Horoscope for March 2017

March 2017 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for March 2017

Monthly March 2017 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly March 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

In March 2017 Cancer will be supported by the moon and Saturn to a special degree, and as such a powerful combination is actually surprisingly exceptional, representatives of this Zodiac sign can completely count on extraordinary events, developing in a positive way. It is important to note that at the dawn of spring in the year of the Fire Rooster, those born under the sign of Cancer will sense an influx of vital energy which they will want to implement to a large degree on the aspect which concerns their personal life. There is no point in resisting such desires, but by no means should they forget about work. Make an effort to give the "romantic front" a slight advantage over the sphere of career and work. At the current stage critical emphasis must be put on high-quality, well thought-out decisions, which, even if they do not affect efficiency, will still allow you to form a really solid foundation. In fact, you will need this foundation in the very near future, and thus important decisions taken at the beginning of the month will get a real embodiment by the middle of the period, and will allow you to achieve more. The stars recommend not to trust new acquaintances, but it is definitely necessary to engage, as without this you will not make progress. Just be attentive, as now the influence of Mars, who is inherently your primary benefactor, could be destructive to a large degree. In order not to be put at risk, you must follow what is going on around you attentively. The more information you have, the more contacts and communicative channels, the more advantageous the position will be. If you isolate yourself, you will lose that which you have already attained.

In the first ten-day period of March 2017, Cancer will quite quickly determine the directions which will have priority for him. Don't lose time, act according to the tactic which you decide on here and now. Your far-reaching strategic plans are also worth taking into account, but only indirectly, because circumstances will be quite dynamic (in the sense that they will be volatile). In any event, the choice remains with you, but you must understand that responsibility is determined by more than just your area of control. You will not have so many resources under your direct supervision now, but with them you will be able to achieve results which significantly exceed all your previous achievements. This will teach you a lot, such has how to distribute the workload competently. Of course this largely concerns those Cancers who work for themselves. For those who do not have their own business, everything will "roll along" without any substantial deviation from the well-trodden path. Just be careful: conflicts with direct leadership are possible, and - for those who work for themselves - with business partners. Mars will provoke you to take reckless steps. Don't hide anything from your allies, otherwise you will suffer a total defeat.

On the "romantic front" the situation in March 2017 will develop more clearly, and the most surprising thing will await you here. It is likely that in the first ten-day period of the month you will get important news, and in the second - you will make some fateful decisions. In neither the first nor the second case will you be required to resolve any conflicts, but near the end of the third ten-day period of March the family circle could be subject to a certain risk. Be open-minded and don't let emotions overwhelm you. New contacts are unlikely to result in anything significant, but old friends will open up to you from an unexpected side (from a positive-unexpected side, you could say). Mars will try to push you up against somebody in your environment. Don't engage in conflict without a real reason; hold back, even if you are a hundred percent right. Resolve problems diplomatically, otherwise you risk losing contact with someone close to you.

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