Leo Horoscope for March 2017

March 2017 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for March 2017

Monthly March 2017 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly March 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

For Leos, March 2017 will be a clear and positive time, oriented towards complex development in all spheres of life. The sun and Pluto, your main benefactors, will work together closely now, which will ensure a favorable confluence of circumstances. It is important to note that your attention will be divided fairly evenly between the sphere of work and that of personal matters. The absence of "energetic imbalances" means that success will be the natural result of your active performance, but only active - those Leos who suddenly decide to rest might not reach such a bright ending. On the other hand, for your sign, the beginning of spring will naturally be a time for the implementation of scheduled plans, that is, at this stage the intensity of your efforts will increase, shall we say, automatically. But you mustn't imagine that everything will keep rolling forward, and that no particular efforts will be required of you. In certain situations the influence of Uranus could be extremely negative, which could give rise to ambiguous situations. You will immediately understand what we are referring to, as soon as you encounter these "attacks". Under no circumstances should you be "fooled" by the provocation; act according to your abilities and don't chase after illusory prospects, otherwise you will lose all stability, which will result in imminent loss.

In the sphere of work in March 2017, people born under the sign of Leo can count on significant financial growth. Some will be able to move on to a new position, and for those who do not work for themselves, this will mean, first of all, a higher and more prestigious position. If you are prepared to expand your area of responsibility, if you want to work more and, accordingly, to earn more, the stars will meet with you, and already at the dusk of the first ten-day period you will understand clearly what the circumstances require. In the second ten-day period the world around you could be quite destabilized, but this will not affect your work even to the slightest degree. It is important not to let yourself give up at the first sign of danger. Those Leos who have their own business will be able to take a step back at any moment in order to weigh their options. There is nothing strange about this, gathering strength is an important point on the road to victory. Those who do not work for themselves, as already mentioned, could have a new position, and it is possible that this increase will be quite unexpected to you personally. That is, at the previous stage there were no clear presumptions of this, but for this reason the situation will be twice as pleasing. Due to the position of Uranus, it will be necessary to save your strength in the third ten-day period of the month. Don't let yourself lose focus, thus losing your sense of direction. Even with total success, keep vigilance, otherwise you could become the victim of an accident.

The "romantic front" for Leos in March 2017 will be just as positive, but here in contrast to the work sphere, you must spend much more time specifically on communication. In the first half of the month it is likely that a whole series of situations will emerge which will have almost fateful significance for those who are close to you. For you yourself they will not prove to be so important, but you will understand immediately what we are referring to. Activate your diplomatic abilities, prove yourself if necessary; be the person they want to see in you for a time, even if this image is somewhat opposed to the real state of affairs. In this way you will quickly resolve all potential negativity and you will provide your family with peace and quiet for a long time. For single Leos the likelihood of meeting a "better half" is quite average, but this doesn't mean that there is no chance to have a brief but bright romance somehow. Just don't forget that Uranus could suddenly obstruct you. Listen to your heart, and not your instincts. Don't take risks if it is not necessary, or for insignificant reasons, because at this stage risk will not be a good thing, and will only result in negative consequences.

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