Leo Horoscope for January 2018

January 2018 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for January 2018

Monthly January 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

For the Zodiac sign of Leo, January 2018 will be quite an interesting time. Now the Sun, who is Leo's patron, will prove to be in a powerful position, and as a result of this, those born in the desired period could definitely get what they want in all areas of life. However, there are a few nuances here. Firstly, you shouldn't count on anyone else's help. That is, there is virtually no significance to how circumstances unfold - whether it is to your advantage or not, whether you are antagonized or your enemies, you just need to let it slide. Belief in yourself is the only criterion for your sign's success at the current stage. Another aspect - the priority of the heart over reason. Yes, usually everything works the other way around for Leos, and they are quite satisfied with it, but what is to be done if Pluto, your planetary exultant stands back for a time? Fortunately, this won't result in obvious negativity, you will only have to seriously reconsider your positions in life. And you will understand quite quickly yourself how important this is for you and your loved ones. For the rest of the first month you are unlikely to be surprised by anything, you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised, and that will only be thanks to your own efforts. This will be regular and not particularly dynamic period, and in this regard you shouldn't bet on projects which are supposed to bring you profit here and now. Be attentive, it is more likely that in this case it will be a risky venture. Act independently and individually, don't rush to make important decisions and if possible, postpone the final decision to the next stage. In any event, you will have time to think.

From the business perspective, January 2018 will be quite favorable for Leo. Increased profits are likely, but not guaranteed. The thing is, due to the unfavorable position of Mercury, Leos who are in business will have a few difficulties. It can't be said that these will be truly critical situations, but nevertheless, not everything will go as planned. You must be prepared for the fact that many positions and plans will have to be revised. But if you are pressurized, under no circumstances should you respond act according to your own ideas about what should happen. Your success is in your own hands, and that's how it is! If external help is objectively not required, refuse it, without remorse, otherwise you will ruin everything. If you don't have your own business, make an effort to work out a clear and most optimal strategy which will take into account the maximum likelihoods. In other words, you should be ready for it, and then nothing and nobody will interfere with the implementation of your idea. If you have decided to change jobs, recheck everything one more time. If there is the chance of career progress, don't get distracted by external worries, you should be as focused as possible, and then everything will work out exactly as it should (even if it's slightly different from how you originally planned). On the whole, this will be a very good time, even for those Leos who suddenly decide to make radical changes.

And now from the perspective of personal relationships, some fundamental aspects had best be put off for later. By no means does this imply that in January 2018 you have to be absolutely inert. On the contrary, act, make an effort to constantly do something, but don't hurry things. If it seems to you that little by little you are coming closer to something important, if your coveted "significant other" is already virtually yours and in your dreams you… (well, to each his own here), in general, don't push. This will be a time for light, gentle maneuvers. With a hit-and-run approach you definitely won't achieve anything, but if you try to look for an alternative course of action - you will definitely get something right. In this area of your life you would do better not to count on anyone else. In this regard you will have complete information, and fate may reveal its plans for your immediate future to you. Married Leos will definitely have to deal with some important conflicts, and a lot will depend on their behavior in difficult situations. At the current stage you will be able to obtain a position of authority, you could significantly improve your status, but all of this can happen only if you don't strive for this. Yes, it's a paradox, but this is, however, good for most Leos. This means that January 2018 will work to your advantage, in every sense! You won't encounter situations which could break you, but there will be enough opportunities to become better. You'll only have to work well, without hesitating to get your hands dirty.

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