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The second month of summer will reward us with increased activity and a lot of interesting events. This is the time to act, to take matters into our own hands and to try controlling everything that's happening. Now you can even take major risks: make some very risky bets and ... win! In addition, the stars promise us positive emotions and practically guarantee the availability of the opportunity to change our current personal status. Now the sky bend is going to be ruled by Moon and Jupiter, with Eris having its own insignificant influence. The combination of these planets does not guarantee any outstanding breakthroughs, but very interesting situations can end up taking place in combination with personal patronage for each element and each specific sign. It is also very important not to miss those things that are personally important, fateful, and meaningful at this stage. Some difficulties are likely because the third-party opinions will be radically different from our own. However, we cannot call those complications difficulties. It will not be difficult; it's just that at certain moments we will have to make a choice, and a lot of things will depend on this choice. Do not be afraid of responsibility; anyone who is not ready to take a step forward and accept the consequences will not be able to move ahead with confidence and achieve what he wants. This simple rule is always in effect, but it is extra-relevant this month. Stars recommend listening to the voice of your heart and to take your time doing anything. The important factor is that later on it will be much more difficult to do what is so much easier to implement right now. You just have to make a decision.

The following tendencies are valid here as applied to the additional patrons for various zodiacal signs. The Fire element signs will be left alone, so they will have to rely completely on the help of the main planetary assistants of this period and their own senses. This is not something totally negative; it is just a peculiarity that must be taken into account so that you won't be waiting for help when you encounter difficulties. You will be strong and capable enough yourself. The element of Water will be in a different position: bright and independent Mars will be helping a lot. This means that, despite the external elements of the forecast, the Water signs can act with bold energy in particular situations, and sometimes they will have to act aggressively without a doubt. Only then will luck be on their side, and they will be able to take the next step up the ladder of success. Air signs should not be doubtful at all: Eris will provide them with double help. This double help from the same planet will provide a dual advantage over what was expected for the representatives of Air element. However, be careful in relying too much on this aspect in your plans. If you do so you can end up in a very complicated situation because sometimes circumstances are just too strong. The Earth element signs can count on the help of Venus, which will be in very close contact with Moon who now occupies a favorable position. The total impact of these celestial objects will turn out to be quite bright and extraordinary, but you need to be prepared to win in very unexpected situations in order not to be overwhelmed by your success.

In general, July 2018 will be really productive. Almost all signs (except for specific cases) can conclude large-scale transactions, aiming for the highest income in the business sphere. This is a good time to move up the career ladder, or even to start your own business. It is unlikely that anyone will intervene in your plans purposefully. However, even if such a situation takes place, you should look back on your experience in dealing with this situation. A lot of things will develop in different ways; for someone, the world will literally change for the better. On the other hand, now it is not necessary to adjust to the rhythm of the period. No matter how audacious this idea sounds, at this stage it is much more advantageous to make circumstances adjust to us rather than the other way around. Only Pluto can interfere with the successful implementation of our plans. His energy will not be particularly strong. But, make sure to keep an eye on everything, the otherwise Dark planet might end up destroying a number of things along the way, actively involving your long-term foes in the process. The only thing needed to avoid all the troubles is some attentiveness and caution.

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