Leo Horoscope for March 2018

March 2018 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for March 2018

Monthly March 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

March, 2018 might end up looking a little ambiguous for Leo representatives, though Sun's and Pluto's protection favors only positive tendencies. Anyways, some situations taking place during this stage might cause a lot of questions. All of them are solvable ones, so don't stress over it too much. In general, it is recommended to put aside all the emotions: it is better to be able to clearly evaluate your abilities, particularly financial ones. There is a big chance of making this month a very confident and productive one. But take your time in choosing and making decisions. It is just enough to follow some very common logical arguments and not to trust anyone's words. Besides, try to stay away from various excessive financial expenditures. This time is not the best one for financial outflows. With regard to financial inflows, you can count on something curious. Don't be too fast in initiating any fundamental changes in your surroundings. You will succeed, and you had better believe in your success. Otherwise, your celestial patrons won't help you. This time is good enough for solving some family issues. But don't get straight into details - excessive emotional responses might influence your relationships in a negative way. Basically, as per usual, try to maneuver in between the possibility and the necessity. Though, in general, this period will turn out to be way more dynamic than the previous ones. Indeed, you will also have access to a higher amount of opportunities.

From the financial situation perspective, March, 2018 can turn out to be quite diverse. On the one hand, thanks to the relatively beneficial stellar situation, there will be some opportunities present. But you can't expect some extraordinary perks. Also excessive willingness to communicate and emotionality can affect your business in possibly negative ways. In fact those Leo representatives who have their own businesses should realize that this period won't meet their expectations, though they still can cope with existing tasks and can even work out the strategy for upcoming future events. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it is preferable to leaving all the problems intact by resolving them once and for all. Feel your own way home regarding the rest of things. Those Leos who are not business owners can go ahead and start thinking about why they are still working for someone else. It is not necessary to leave everything now and start revising all your life priorities right away. What is important is the idea itself. The way you are planning to translate it into reality is a whole other question that will get answered a little later. By the end of the third decade you will definitely reach some important conclusions that you will be forced to settle on. Now is not the most progressive time - but it will still give you a lot of experience and will open up new opportunities. And, more importantly, you will be able to keep those opportunities that are already there (which can be regarded as a victory in a certain sense).

Concerning the love life, March, 2018 turns out to be equally controversial. On the one hand, you will have everything - friends, family, and the opportunity to start new relations. If old ones are getting on your nerves, there is no use in letting them go on. But try to realize that you should not be the only decision maker. If you are specifically talking about some purely selfish motivations...well, it won't end up in a positive way (and you were hesitating to make it all about satisfying your own needs?). In the other cases, or being more precise, for the rest of the people this period will be successful and peaceful enough. The main thing is to stay away from sudden moves. If you encounter a situation where you merely don't have any idea what to do, act in the simplest way possible. Let your opponent talk everything out, let him say anything he finds important to say. Venus is on your side, even not being your patron planet. And, it takes us right to the same funny contradiction. Despite any emotions expressed by you being perceived negatively, you will still end up solving all the issues related to romantic feelings. In that sense the single ones will be even luckier than "taken" ones, because they can serve as a certain kind of independent judges who can resolve huge amounts of controversial situations (while being not really interested in the outcomes). We imagine it is indeed a very strange yet dynamic and fascinating time. Enjoy!

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