Cancer Horoscope for May 2018

May 2018 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for May 2018

Monthly May 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

For Cancer, May 2018 will be a significant time, at least in the sense that your sign will have a chance to change everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything. You can, of course, apply some half-measures, but the results will be proportional. In general, the positions of your exalting planet, Jupiter, and the main heavenly patron of your sign, the Moon, will be strong and stable enough so that you have everything you need. Now it is possible and even recommended to look back as often as possible, assessing what has already been done and what was intended to be done but never worked out. Do not neglect the opportunity to return back to some painful or sensitive experiences. If fate repeatedly brings you back to what has already been done, it means that you are doing something wrong over and over again. You are probably making the same mistakes betting on the wrong things. So stop blaming fate and pull yourself together, finally understanding your true desires. Cancer is a very unstable sign, and you can literally have seven Fridays in a week, but that does not mean you cannot concentrate or get things done. Perhaps you just did not try to do something or did not want to try, and May will give you the opportunity to fix everything. Most likely it will be all about some purely personal moments, which you might never pay sufficient attention to. Your friends might help you in this situation - they will always tell you what was wrong. But remember that their opinions are subjective, and they can also be wrong no matter how hard they try.

In terms of business and finance, May 2018 is unlikely to bring any truly surprising changes to your life. The first reason for this is that the last month of spring should (or could) become the pinnacle of all your activities initiated in the preceding months. The second reason is that you are capable of predicting everything. And, even if you do not work for yourself, you can easily foresee all the shifts and movements at your workplace by being attentive and considerate. Probably, you will have a chance to hustle a bit and do something useful for your own good. This is not a promotion for sure, because a promotion is very unlikely to happen now. But, you can substantially raise your income in some other ways. Also, May is ideal for you if you always wanted to switch your workplace. Now you can even start engaging in the freelance activity. This, of course, is a risk, but the risk can be (and should be) conscious, thought out, and verified. If you can do it, then luck will be on your side. If you decide to leave everything as it is, well, everything will stay in its place, and in certain situations this can really become the most acceptable option. If we are talking about Cancer who has his/her own business, the stars recommend not being embarrassed by risking it all. You can even try to bluff like a real poker player, but remember that this is also a responsibility, a quite huge responsibility in fact. If you make a mistake, it will come at a huge cost. This period is also good for signing some important contracts. But make sure to read all the lines of those contracts, even those ones written in smaller letters.

The love life sphere can surprise Cancer representatives in May 2018. This month can help Cancers to re-establish relationships with people who were considered to be "lost". Whether it is a necessary thing to do or not is a completely different question. But, you should try re-establishing those relations anyway. This suggestion is especially important taking into account the fact that many Cancer representatives with families will finally be able to resolve old conflicts between distant relatives. Even if it does not directly concern you personally, do not be shy, do not ignore the heart that opened up for you - this is not common, even among people who are bound by blood. In general, for Cancers "burdened" with relationships, this time will be quite saturated with events, and may become fundamental. You yourself can arrange something like a dinner party or mass family gathering. It will benefit your loved ones. It might also benefit you too, depending on the goals you are pursuing. Everything will be simpler for single persons, but also brighter. Now you should not hesitate to leave some unpleasant relationships behind. It is clear that the further it is, the harder it is. But now, it really makes sense to listen to your instincts and choose the path that you really like. And, the stars also recommend not harming anyone with whom you might end up crossing paths later. It is better to hold back your dissatisfaction and try to analyze the situation by looking at it from a different angle. Perhaps, you are not as right as you thought.

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