Leo Horoscope for May 2018

May 2018 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for May 2018

Monthly May 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

At the end of spring, Leos will acquire a couple of strong patrons. It will not only be their traditional heavenly helper, Pluto, but also Uranus, who usually tends to be against Leos. This does not mean that in May 2018 all of the circumstances will be on your side, but the advantages of this period are obvious. At the beginning of the period you will have to find a balance between various spheres: between personal relationships and work life; between the wishes of leadership and your own aspirations; and, between family dilemmas and your peace of mind. But, you have to make sure that you don't upset the balance if you don't want to end up with anything happening at all. In May, you really will have to make strong-willed decisions, but it will not be as difficult as it might seem from the outside. At least you will have the proper motivation, which can either arise itself, or you can push forward deliberately, finally allowing yourself to leave behind the hated office chair. In addition, this period is incredibly good, we can even say ideal, for self-improvement. You can try to improve yourself in all directions: professional sphere (meaning training), personal life (special moments), hobbies, or even some spiritual qualities. The whole period can be characterized by its overall complexity. You cannot take a step forward only in one direction, and it is worth noting that each of your thoughtful and carefully pre-planned actions will lead to some results in several spheres of your life.

In the business sphere, one should definitely try not to neglect alternative possibilities, especially if we are talking about Leos who do not work for themselves. Do not hesitate to use your talents, and if necessary, try to learn quickly and dynamically, because you are capable of finishing everything well before set deadlines. It is a one million dollar question to decide where to put unused amounts of time and resources. After all, any million starts with one dollar (or any other type of currency, depending on your location). In any case, May 2018 will help you with your business ideas. Of course not the month itself (you know that we use this reference as an absolutely abstract concept), but circumstances - successful external factors and your faithful partners. Now, it's definitely worth trusting colleagues, especially those with whom you have worked for a long time and quite productively. As for the Lions who already have their own businesses, they are recommended take the steering wheel into their own hands. This is a good time, which will easily allow you to climb higher. The only thing left is to make sure that you start doing something. Stop doubting, pull yourself together, but do not navigate your ship blindfolded otherwise you can run onto reefs! If you do not see the path yourself, find someone who will help you see it. The point is that now it is much more logical (and more productive!) to start acting as a team rather than doing everything all by yourself. You should certainly turn into a leader of this group, but if someone from your teammates qualifies to be a better leader, go ahead and allow him to be the one, and everything will stabilize by itself anyway.

From the perspective of personal issues, May 2018 will play in your favor in all possible and impossible ways. If suddenly you come across a situation that was not expected, do not rush either to turn back or to stop! You need something that will help you reconsider the situation. You need a breath of fresh air, which might come in the form of a small love affair. Of course, if we're talking about Leo who has a family, everything will be more difficult, because you have to make a choice. But here, there are two important details to note. On one hand, you should not be afraid of your passions and desires, even if you are not sure whether you can cope with them. The second possibility is based on the fact that you are probably not alone in handling your problem, and there will be someone nearby who will be able to give good advice along the way. Single persons should not listen to anyone's ramblings. If there is a need to go undercover for a bit, just do it. But don't go undercover for too long, or you might end up staying in that position for too long, and everything will get much worse. Of course, everyone needs some time to define his/her milestones and to understand his/her inner world. From this point of view, May is especially good. But, do not forget to keep on acting, rather than taking too much rest, even though some rest looks like very suitable and appropriate thing to take.

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