Leo Horoscope for October 2018

October 2018 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for October 2018

Monthly October 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Leo in October 2018 will occupy an interesting position, which will mostly be defined by the circumstances rather than by your own decisions. There is nothing bad about this. It is just because your main patron, the Sun is relatively unstable. However, Uranus, which can easily create a mess in usual circumstances, will turn into your best friend. This means a couple of things to you. The first thing is that the dynamics of the period will increase gradually, and the most vivid events will most likely occur towards the end of the month. This certainly does not mean that you can sit around and do nothing, assuming that nothing important will happen early on. On the contrary, your actions will often play against circumstances that will guarantee serious changes. The second thing to pay attention to is that this month you can boast about having a very special aura. Actually, you will not have to brag, people will notice it themselves - they will get extremely lucky whenever they are in close proximity to you. There is one special condition - you have to be in a good mood in order to grant this luck. And, all of the things above define the peculiarity of this period. As a result, you are advised to stay away from being sad or disappointed, because in a negative mood you can easily hurt not only yourself, but also some of your dearest and nearest. Consequently, it is in your own interest not to rush into making decisions. and not to lose your faith. regardless of external circumstances.

Leos can definitely get lucky in relation to the financial sphere. It is not worthwhile to get involved in questionable projects during October 2018, but it is quite realistic and even promising to risk everything intelligently. Just do not do anything alone: you need some support, not financial, but rather, emotional. For Leos who work for themselves, the situation can develop in the most unpredictable way. You can bring the situation under control and pretend that everything is in order, but this mode of behavior is unlikely to help you. It is much more effective to be sincere and stay away from penalizing anyone, even for obvious mistakes. You can deal later with issues related to human resources. What you need to do now is to set all the records straight, in order to create a good position. Do not try to outwit anyone; stay true to yourself even during important negotiations or at the most critical moments. Do not let circumstances break you, and then the success will turn out to be more realistic and much closer than you have ever imagined. Leos who do not work for themselves are recommended to be extra cautious, especially when just beginning the most ambitious tasks. Try to show yourself in a good light, but do not milk the situation artificially, especially in the first half of the month. Let everything happen by itself; you just need to adjust your position without disturbing anyone. If you do everything right, then others can also make correct decisions just by watching you.

As for the sphere of personal relations, October 2018 may become quite an interesting and even important period for Leos as well as for the other Zodiac signs, although you should always keep in mind Uranus's unstable nature. This planet will be helping you out during this period, but everything can change instantly. Thus, it is not worth testing your luck. If you feel that luck is accompanying you, try to stay away from crossing the line and pushing it too far. Now, practically every situation will benefit you. Using those benefits in a right way can result in some very pleasant outcomes: both you and your family will be happy about practically everything. As for the Leos who have a significant other, they should maintain a balance between a harmonious state and a positive attitude during this month (the importance of good mood has already been mentioned). Do not worry if you cannot reach compromise; the situation will get resolved over time with your active participation. After all, what is the use of banging on a closed door? You can certainly look for a "back door", but this search can take too long. It is better to wait a bit. Such a strategy is unacceptable for single Leos: all month long they will have to act in the most active and preferably extraordinary way. Your success in love will really depend on this type of behavior, so you'd better apply the maximum effort. In general, this period will be quite easy for you: you will intuitively understand what you really need. Stars advise you one simple thing: trust yourself, and everything will be okay.

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