Leo Horoscope for April 2019

April 2019 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for April 2019

Monthly April 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

April 2019 for Leos will become a time of opportunities and prospects. The Sun, the ruler of your sign, will dominate the celestial band for the whole month. In the second ten days, Pluto will enter into coherence with the sun, and this may bring you the most amazing and unpredictable consequences. The main thing for you in any situation is to stay yourself. Do not even try to play for both teams and do not succumb to provocations. Your generosity and honesty should come to the fore. Do not hesitate to take a leadership position if it is objectively necessary. Act nontrivially at work, and at some points, you will need the help of allies. This will be a kind of social test; if you pass it, you will receive financial bonuses. Your second half will be more sensual and tender in this period than usual, and this is definitely worth taking advantage of. But single Lions should not be in a hurry with the change in the status quo. Let the events take their course.

The first ten days of April 2019 for Leo will be an energetically powerful and charged time. At work, if circumstances allow, rush forward to victory with all you might. This is especially important for Leos who do not have their own business. You will now get an excellent chance for a new position. In one way or another, you will be able to increase your income; and for many Leos, this can happen due to the sudden possibility of additional income at work. No matter how hard this is, take the opportunity because you will not regret it. In general, you will have to work a lot. But if you have your own business, you will get a clear goal and complete it without slowing down. You will have the opportunity to surprise your family, and you should sieve this opportunity as much as possible. Pay attention to loved ones because this is a sensual and warm time. In addition, a frank conversation can change your life a lot. The main thing for you is that you do not rely only on one option. Think about how these conversations influence everything around you.

The second ten days of April 2019 may not be so drastically different from the beginning of the month. Leos will continue to be able to choose your own path. Those who are engaged in personal business can take a break at this time. Primarily, the overall exciting dynamics of your life are likely to decrease. Secondly, you will be able to delegate tasks to someone else. Do not lose control over your situation, but do not hesitate to relax when you feel you need it. If you are a key player in your organization, you are advised to keep your ears open and play your cards close to your chest. Defend your own interests and the interests of those who support you. Regardless of your position in the company's hierarchy, make sure that your voice is heard. It is really important at this time. In your personal relationships, do not seek to subjugate the other half to your will. Rather, you should give them even more freedom and realize that this was the right decision. Do not stop at your achieved positions, but keep dreaming and constantly progress further.

The third ten days of April 2019 for many Leos will be an important period of the month. You who are single will change your attitude towards many things, and this could make your life easier. The horoscope recommends that you do not look for secret intent in every situation and just enjoy life. If you have already come into a serious relationship, you can be ready to make some long-term changes. It can be anything from moving to a wedding. This is a good time for you to think about your joint future and begin working toward your most ambitious plans. You will have enough strength and creative passion to organize a powerful foundation for yourself. From this foundation, you will move on a long and successful path. Similarly, your situation will develop at your job. Fundamental changes have either already arrived or are not far off, so act deliberately and confidently. If the situation is not in your favor, make a detour. Do not break the walls in with your head; and if you act smarter, you will succeed. The final period of April 2019 is also good for spiritual self-improvement. Although, you should not go too deep into yourself because, in the physical world, you have things to do.

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