Cancer Horoscope for August 2019

August 2019 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for August 2019

Monthly August 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

Cancer, August 2019 may be a confusing time for you. It is likely you will get a bit lost in yourself and find that some things that are important to you have lost their color in your life. There will be a lot of ups and downs this month, but you will find some peace in between the chaos that makes you feel like there is some hope for things to settle down, and there is. You're likely to be more concerned with things inside your own bubble, but you may well find the hubbub around you quite interesting in small doses, and it's a good idea to keep an eye on things, especially concerning your close friends and family, via social media especially.
The beginning of August will be the noisiest for you. It is likely you will find most people to be overwhelming at this time and be tempted to stay away from crowds. You will feel less creative at this time, as you will mostly be hiding from the energy in the world instead of embracing it, as you are a little intimidated by it.

As August continues, you will feel calmer and more focused in life. There is likely to be a shift around you that makes you feel more comfortable in most situations. There is going to be some moments of intensity, but you will feel much more capable of handling these situations as August comes to a close.
In terms of work, in the first part of August, you are likely to feel tempted to procrastinate and spend the time on other things, but it's important you get the bare minimum done as it will add up on you if you do not. Getting ahead of things would be the best idea, but it is likely you will find this difficult. There is a chance you will be largely left alone, which you will appreciate, but will make asking for help difficult when you need it the most.
The second part of August will be likely easier to work in, as there will be more of a workforce around you, though you will still be tempted to work on your own things and not produce work for others. It will be a good idea to work on focusing at this time because you will have a lot to do and if you hone your focus it will be a lot easier to get through.

Socially, you will be likely to keep to yourself during the first part of August. There is likely to be moments where you'd like to go out, and you should go with that feeling, but listen to yourself and don't be afraid to just go home if you feel like it. Social pressure is best to be ignored at this time, as some of your friends might push you to attend things you're not interested in. Stand your ground, because nothing good will come out of you being in an uncomfortable and overstimulating situation.
The second part of August is likely to find you feeling a lot better about social situations, though they are more likely to be small gatherings than larger ones. You will be comforted by old friends that know you very well and are patient with you. It is likely you will feel refreshed socially and able to have good and deep conversations at this time.
In terms of your inner self, the beginning of August will find you feeling a little lost and disconcerted. It's easy to find out why, as the energy around you will be going at a much faster speed than you are used to. It's best to keep to yourself and do some work on yourself, which will probably mostly consist of doing things that you love by yourself and enjoying things that make you feel safe and comforted.

The farther August goes, the more likely you will find your way to getting things in order around you which will make you feel better inside of yourself. You will probably be more drawn to projects and creating stuff at this time, though it will feel like it's coming from a different place than usual; a place of necessity rather than a place of creativity. You will still find them to keep you occupied in a nice sort of way, and help melt away any stress that you may still have.
Overall, August will be a time of seeking peace and quiet for you, and you may neglect some things while doing this, so it's best to keep aware of the things that absolutely need to be done and let go of the things that can be put off. There will be a lot happening this month, and it's likely you will feel like you haven't moved forward that much, but you may be surprised how much growth you go through just from spending more time with yourself and observing the world around you.

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