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2019 March Horoscope

Free March 2019 monthly Horoscope

Monthly March 2019 Horoscope

Though general trends remain unchanged, March 2019 will be slightly different from the first two months of the year. But it is still a time of action rather than words; it is better to take a step forward and argue about expediency later. This month, Mercury goes out of position, antagonistic to Mars and the sun, so the period will come with many practical solutions to your problems. This is a good time to start and develop business endeavors, so do both confidently. Human contact remains one of the key success criteria during this month, but in some situations, it may be necessary to do things alone; be confident and avoid persistently asking for advice as it might be a serious mistake. Everyone will experience unique situations but try hard not to escalate matters where you can help it. In March 2019, the peaceful warriors will win, while the aggressors will quickly lose their energy.

The early part of the month will be suitable for making important decisions. These decisions may concern financial or personal issues, so try to think logically and be fully aware of what is happening around you. There will be no one way to resolve situations occurring during this period, no single solutions. On the one hand, this is ideal because the flexibility will allow you to use your talents and skills to their fullest potential and will give everyone an equal chance for success. On the other hand, there will be no challenge present for those signs who lose their motivation easily; for these individuals, surrounding themselves with loved ones or starting a new and captivating hobby will help. The period will be significant for couples, who are likely to experience something unexpected but pleasant together.

During the second part of the month, try to focus on two things in particular: your career and personal health. Both areas will be closely related; you’ll find that success in one area will improve the other. The stars say that you must try and work hard if you want to quickly achieve your goals. Some signs might realize a small dream or goal in the middle of the month. Be prepared for things to develop quickly and quite differently than planned during this period; you’ll still achieve your goals but in a different way. How much this will be significant, how much experience you will receive, and how happy you will end up all depends on decisions made prior to March 2019 and on the people you surround yourself with. Now is not the time to get hung up on deep feelings—it is better to focus this energy on exercise and work.

The third period of the month will come with financial bonuses, but only if things were done correctly earlier in the month. Remember that wealth is both a materialistic and moral element. It’s likely that those succeeding during this time will be the same people who remained true to themselves through difficult situations. Try not to think too much about other people’s success, though, since they are out of your control. Correcting past mistakes is no longer possible, but you can address new experiences with a fresh perspective and strive to act differently. This part of March may come with fewer bonuses than the first part of the month, but there will be no terribly negative consequences. The final period of March will be good for cleaning house and working out personal issues. This is a good time to focus on strengthening personal connections and making new acquaintances. With regard to finances, you should not prohibit yourself and your loved ones too much—enjoy life, give yourself and others gifts, and learn to appreciate what you already have.

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