Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2019

March 2019 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for March 2019

Monthly March 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

March 2019 continues to delight Sagittarius with new opportunities, since Eris, the activator of this sign, remains in full coherence with the Sun-Earth axis. Add in the favorable location of the moon and the result is positive circumstances for personal and familial relationships and friendships. Overall, this is not a good time for financial investments, though circumstances will vary. Remember that you have very specific goals, and don’t be bothered by changing circumstances. If you doubt your own abilities, now is a good time to review your own position; this will solidify your views and make it more difficult to be swayed later. The beginning of spring is a good time for business, but do not rely on untested projects; carry out repeated tests before drawing conclusions; no one will intentionally deceive you, but there is a chance of a technical error, so be aware.

The first part of March 2019 will help Sagittarius find their destination. You will begin to see, hear, and understand more than usual. If you are an entrepreneur, this is an excellent opportunity to arrange a meeting with business partners and confirm their intentions. You shouldn’t be afraid of cardinal measures; any missed opportunities will be revisited later on. If you work in a company, act more freely, but be sure to complete the tasks at hand. You may not be noticed for this work, but you will notice something interesting that allows you to purposefully stay in the workplace. Regarding personal relationships, do not be afraid to make important decisions and don’t shift the responsibility to someone else. Be as independent as possible—it will help ultimately help you succeed.

The second portion of the month will be slightly different from the first. More efforts will be needed from Sagittarius now, but the results will be much larger. Do not make a choice in favor of large investment projects—think these things through carefully. Do not be afraid to miss a good bargain. Others need you now more than you need yourself, and in business, you should not hesitate to take charge and dictate. Just be sure to do it unobtrusively. In the middle of March, your family members can count on good news, especially for those who are temporarily separated from their partners. Be wary, but do not neglect the signs of fate or lose a positive attitude. You will succeed, you just need to prepare well. Sagittarius who are not burdened with serious relationships should not force thing, as it is better to stay close to home during this period.

The third part of March 2019 will be the most positive time for Sagittarius. Many of your old ideas will be realized. Unexpected surprises await you, most likely from close friends. This is a great time to travel, so do so if possible. The period is suitable for creativity and independent decisions, so this is the time to think about moving or changing careers. Do not neglect what you already have, but strive for more if you feel such a desire. Seek support from those who have always been there. The final period of March 2019 is perfect for strengthening relationships of all kinds; now you will easily discover other people, including those with whom you already knew but simply did not communicate with before. Breathe deeply and avoid cheating yourself.

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