Aquarius Horoscope for March 2019

March 2019 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for March 2019

Monthly March 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

March 2019 will bring special success to Aquarians, and the period promises to be especially successful those in love. The Aquarius activator, Neptune, will take a good position and enter into coherence with the sun, which dominates the celestial band throughout the cycle. As a result, Aquarius will receive a powerful charge of vital energy and several vectors of its application at once. This is a good time for investments, large purchases, and other significant financial decisions; additionally, new partnerships and alliances are possible in the business realm. This does not mean that personal relationships are fading into the background, although you will spend significantly more time focusing on work. Those close to you will adapt their schedules to yours, and your romantic partner will try to arrange a surprise for you (and succeed!).

The first part of the month will come with a rapid development of events. Starting with the first day of the month, you will have to constantly solve problems, help someone, analyze information, and make decisions. Enjoy it, because every step you take will change the world around you. Move forward with a smile on your face and do not allow the envious to influence your actions. Be aware that some people will really begin to envy you during this time, but for you, it will have only the most positive results. First, some friends will open up to you. Second, you will convince someone of something and literally change their view of the world. Third, you will escape a conflict and strengthen your position and honor. Be sure to avoid arrogance and cling to your responsibilities. Spend time with your family.

The second portion of March 2019 will be slightly different from the beginning of the month. Circumstances will provide far fewer clues and you may sometimes have to act intuitively, but you will always find the best possible solutions to problems. If you have your own business, slow down and let middle managers solve issues offline—perhaps one of them will pleasantly surprise you. Be harsh with colleagues and do not allow liberties that can lead to negligence. If you work for a company, do not allow yourself to get too comfortable with your boss. Soon everything will change, and you will understand why this strategy was necessary.

The third part of the month will help you better understand yourself. The world around you will fade to the background, and you will be able to focus on your own demons. This is a great period for creativity and relationships. Aquarians who do not have a permanent relationship may meet someone who will radically change their life, but this moment will not necessarily be associated with romance. Act on the circumstances and go with your gut. Be sure to help your friends even if they do not ask you to; you will see that they are unable to overcome their difficulties alone. Put in as much effort as possible into your ventures and you will reap the reward. Do not wait for an opportunity that has already arrived—take a step forward.

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