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October holds within it the elements of Air and Water, with Libra and Scorpio season both occupying October 2019. These neighboring Zodiac signs have very different effects on us, as they are vastly different signs. Libra is all about balance, as the Scales that represent Libra suggest, and will have shifted everything to a nice calm, with communication open and clear. There's also a very social, light, and, pun not intended, airy side to this Air season that will make life feel rich yet in a superficial sort of way. There will be an instant karma kind of reaction to things this Libra season, where things even out immediately, and it's best to go about things with the best intentions, as to not trigger that.
As the month continues, Scorpio will start to assert itself and that stability and clarity will shift. Scorpio, represented by the Scorpion, is a complex sign. There are more sides to this sign than the stinging tail. Scorpio, being a Water sign, brings sensitivity like other Water signs, but about different things and with recognition toward the parts of ourselves we'd prefer hidden. Scorpio season really gets to the truth of things, revealing everything before any notices that the curtain has been twitched aside. It's important to keep this in mind as we progress through this season.

Work will be more social than usual, as October begins, with mostly good results in productivity as everyone will be stimulated from good conversation. Clear communication while Mercury is in Libra is super helpful for projects to roll along smoothly and keeps everyone in the loop.
There will be kinks worked out with little to no issue. It won't be a high energy work environment, despite the bubbly conversation, but it won't be low energy either. It'll be medium, like most things during Libra season, and it will be that way without making things feel boring or mundane, largely. Sometimes it's a nice break from the highs and the lows of the other seasons. At the same time, it will make imbalances in the workplace stick out like sore thumbs, so there could be a little bit of a swift exit of said imbalances that might cause a little tension until it's gone. Anything that comes up like that will definitely be a blessing in disguise.

The rest of the month will bring a more serious tone to the workplace, with conversations becoming deeper and occasionally inappropriate for work, causing people to choose to save it for breaks and after work. Miscommunication will begin to interrupt the workflow and cause frustration and irritation. It will be very important to be super clear about what needs to be done in order to continue forward and to let go of the small misunderstandings that will not matter in the long run.
Socially, friendships will find a lovely rhythm as October begins. There will be amazing bonding conversations interspersed with light chatter that just makes the energy between friends feel nice and warm.
There's a nice stable sort of love in the air, with established relationships feeling secure. Newer relationships may fizzle quickly with adjustments to balance being put in place by Libra season, having one-sided relationships become either no-sided or well balanced. If they survive Libra season, it's a good sign.
Scorpio season brings deeper bonding discussions between friends. Self-discovery through friendship is bound to occur. Secrets may be exposed that need to be, and even some that were better off hidden. Scorpio season isn't picky about what it reveals. Mostly, it will be good to let go of such things and find acceptance for your true self among good friends.

Sense of self is important for a good life, and as of October starts, it feels like a good stable base for life. Generally, we feel like we have worked out the little qualms we have with ourselves and are able to take on more than usual. Be wary though, as this won't last forever.
Scorpio season brings out our shadow side, and that might surprise us when we are in our happy Libra lull. It's a good idea to be prepared for this, by not stressing out about the small things that pop up during this time, and to focus on growth and reflection. We will feel vulnerable and it's important to reach out to people that we depend on and trust to help us through it.
This month will bring enough challenges to keep us on our toes, with enough down time to get us ready for said challenges.

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