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2020 February Horoscope

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Monthly February 2020 Horoscope

2020 promised to be a great tumult of change for everyone and so far we're seeing that to very much be the case. Only two months in and everyone is feeling a little chaos. This isn't entirely a bad thing, though, as change always brings with it growth. But growth is almost always a little bit painful, and there isn't a sign under stars that isn't experiencing some pain in February. Worry not, though. The pain is temporary and very productive. Turns out there's a lot going on in the skies to make this process easier than you'd think.

There's a lot of celestial activity that will affect all of the signs during February. The stars and planets are doing a lot of moving that will affect everyone's career and love directions. Mercury is paying a visit to Pisces, staying in his house starting around the 3rd of the month. This is going to create an era of great clarity for a number of signs, especially the Earth ones. That wave of clarity is going to scare a number of people. Leo is a perfect bedrock during this time. If you have a Leo friend, follow their lead.

Speaking of lingering houseguests, Mars is going to pay a visit to Capricorn around the 16th for a very long time. This means profit and power for the fire signs, and a lot of oddness for everyone else. What do we mean by oddness? Things that had been obstructions will suddenly disappear, stunning people and changing their terrain. Treasures that had been hidden will be revealed, but only if people know where to look (and how to look). No, it's not going to be frogs and locusts, but it is going to be enough weirdness in the air to give everyone a fresh perspective if - and we do mean if - they are open to change.

By the 17th, Mercury is going to be starting an odd retrograde motion through a number of houses, bringing with him all sorts of distortions in the time and space continuum. This also means a great period of inspiration for those needing it. This doesn't just have to mean artistic impulses. For some signs, this is the inspiration to leave a dull job or relationship. For others, it's a guide toward a direction to take their lives. That's a lot of change floating around and a lot of potential chaos, and some (like the water signs) are in a good place to capitalize on that.

Venus will be entering Aquarius around the 18th or 19th, causing a great shift for Aquarians and anyone close to them. This is okay, though, as it's a shift meaning a great potential for learning in the months to come. Even our old friend the moon will be getting in the action: the new moon will appear on the 7th, meaning big changes for Aquarius, and the full moon on the 21st is going to spell all sorts of drama for Virgo.

Financially and interpersonally every sign is going to see a lot of movement. This could be people coming and going out of lives, or jobs moving people around. The best of the signs will recognize this as just part of the machinery of the universe and ride it to see where it takes them. Others may struggle with this, so they'll need to look toward those who seem to have it together and follow their lead. Leo is in an excellent position to lead, as it Pisces and Taurus to a lesser extent. Look to how they handle hard situations and notice how they stay calm no matter what. This is the best lesson any sign can take: look for the point of calm in any situation.

That's a lot of movement! It makes the planet Earth seem like a tropical island drenched by tidal waves. In some ways, that's an apt description. February is a bleak month in general as winter gives the last gasp. The collective frustration from this is enough to make the universe cry out ‘no more' and give mercy to us poor humans. We should enjoy this wave of change and know that it brings great collective growth and wonder.

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