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Monthly July 2020 Horoscope

Get ready for the wild roller-coaster ride that is July! As if the ongoing Mercury retrograde wasn't enough, July plunges us into the end of eclipse season. The Universe guides us to tie up loose ends in career and family. Finally, we can wave goodbye to this 1.5-year Capricorn-Cancer cycle (at least until 2027). Like last month, the planets beckon us to put our money where our mouth is. This is a time to reflect on how your priorities have shifted since January of 2019. It's not all old news though! In fact, with the New Moon in Cancer on the 20th, we have an opportunity to focus on our roots and adopt new ways of nurturing ourselves.

On July 1st, after spending 3 months in Aquarius, retrograde Saturn backtracks into its home sign Capricorn. Saturn is an outer planet and planetary ruler of government structures, so we can expect change on a global scale. These disruptions are shifting our perspective on public safety and authority. Right now, you're called to use discipline and patience to transmute your internal fears. Reconsider your personal perspective of boundaries and limitations. Considering you do the work, Saturn is happy to reward you for your hard come the end of the year.

It's likely you've already gotten a good hard look at what isn't working over the past year and a half. The Full Thunder Moon on July 5th will ensure you got the message. With this full moon penumbral lunar eclipse in Capricorn, it's clear "business as usual" just won't cut it anymore. Are you cool with where you’re headed in life, or do you need to change course for a path that lines up with your core values? It's time to do some serious thinking about your long-term goals and responsibilities. You'll also want to spend some time auditing what your work-life balance has looked like since January of 2019.

The answers may not be as clear-cut as you think, especially with Ceres stationing retrograde in Pisces on the 7th. As you might know, this asteroid (also called the Earth Mother) governs the depth of love that sits within each of us. Ceres lost her daughter Persephone to Pluto for four months out of each year. Thus, this asteroid's retrograde screams "If you love it, let it go." Before July ends, you'll need to acknowledge that you can't save everyone. But you can find peace by filling your cup with self-love and compassion. In fact, you may even find yourself overflowing in a way that inspires and attracts the kind of support you need.

The second half of the month might be painful due to Chiron's retrograde. As the wounded healer backtracks through fearless Aries on the 11th, our vulnerabilities might act as trigger points. Chiron has been dredging up old identity wounds since February of last year and has a long way to go. His retrograde in the turbulent fire sign signals a time where we can feel especially invalid or threatened. And thanks to Mercury stationing direct the next day in Cancer, we're likely to communicate these childhood wounds a little too loudly. When we incorporate our wounds as part of our identity, it's often easier to live in our anger than it is to heal. But there comes a time when anger is a burden that no longer serves us. Between now and December, we are guided to release the trauma of the past so we can take ownership of who we are now.

From the 12th to the 20th, the emotional atmosphere is heated by the Last Quarter Moon in Aries. Outbursts and childlike behavior with nuclear fallout are in the forecast. Yes, it’s a battlefield right now as we struggle to reconcile our internal structures with new (sometimes upsetting) information. To survive these two weeks without self-destructing, practice writing what you’d like to say before you commit to your words.

Things are even more emotional under the New Moon in Cancer on the 20th. This new lunar cycle in the only moon-ruled sign requires us to do what we can to feel at home and to know the world holds a place where we can be loved for existing just as we are.

By the time the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, our spirits are ready to shine with creative self-expression and enthusiasm. Make way for play, parties, and soaking up the sun! It’s time to stand up tall – both literally and figuratively.

It sure seems harmony and good fortune are on the horizon as July closes out with a positive sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Philosophical revelations and spiritual enlightenment make us more optimistic, even if there is a danger of seeing things with proverbial rose-colored glasses. Generosity and compassion on our minds, we leave this month as open-minded visionaries. Enjoy your newfound confidence and faith as you share your light with the people around you.

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